Mental Hygiene

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  • Published: March 10, 2011
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Thesis sentence: Understanding of problems encountered by human of mental hygiene and by practitioners involved in the promotion of mental hygiene. I - Mental Hygiene
A.Meaning and Aim
B.Importance of Mental Hygiene
C.Aspects of Mental Hygiene
II – Mental Health
A.Meaning of Mental Health
B.Early Signs of Failing Mental Health
C.Characteristics of People with Good Mental Health
D.Educational System for Mental Health
III- Effects of Unhealthy Mental Hygiene
A.Some Effects of Unhealthy Mental Hygiene
B.Mental Disorder
C.Mental Illness
V – Historical Survey of Mental Hygiene in the Philippines A.Mental Hygiene in the Philippines
B.Mental Hygiene Problem in the Philippines


This research discussed about the importance, functions, history, aspects and the most important is to understand each symptom for having unhealthy mental hygiene. Mental Hygiene is a science of maintaining mental health and preventing disorders to help people function at their full mental potential.

Where psychologists maintain that there is no precise and universally agreed standards that distinguish between normal and abnormal behavior. The concepts of abnormal behavior, mental disorder, psychological disorder and mental illness have tended to merge recently. Mental disorder as a clinically significant behavioral or psychological pattern that is associated with present distress a painful symptom, disability or impairment in one or more important areas of functioning and significantly increased risk of suffering disability pain or death and an important loss of freedom or personal control. In addition, this syndrome or pattern must not merely particular event like the death of love one. It is one example of the effects and symptoms of failing mental hygiene.

Which the Mental hygiene public-health perspective within psychiatry, was influential from 1910 until about 1960. Since World War II, mental hygiene ideas became increasingly...
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