Mega Trends

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  • Published : December 10, 2012
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Mega Trends

Megatrends are global, transformative and macro-economic forces in societal development that will very likely affect the future in the next era. They involve business, economy, society, cultures and personal lives thereby defining our future world and its increasing pace of change.

Mega trends have different meanings and impacts for different industries, companies and individuals. Analysis of these mega trends and their implications forms an important component of a company’s future strategy, development and innovation process, and influences product and technology planning. They can be used as a base for strategic decision-making by understanding their impact on organizational functions such as marketing, Research and Development, budget spending, product planning and development, human resource management andinnovation. Some of the most important recent megatrends are Technological development, Social, Economy,Energy, E-mobility, Infrastructure, Business Smart Factory, Health and environment as well as one of the top five megatrends world-widelywhich is Urbanization.

Urbanization is a megatrend currently dominant around the world and particularly in the growth markets. This trend is characterized by migration from country to town, rising populations in larger cities and an expansion of urban catchment areas (the area and population from which a facility or region attracts visitors or customers) accompanied by an increase in demand for buildings and improved infrastructure. Historically, urbanization has been closely connected with industrialization. When more and more extinct sources of energy were used to enhance human productivity (industrialization), surpluses increased in both agriculture and industry, larger and larger proportions of a population could live in cities. With more than 60 percent of the world population expected to live in urban cities by 2025, urbanization as a trend will cause major shifts in the world population...
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