Meg Whitman and Her Leadership Style

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Lead as I would like to be led. Exemplify a passion for excellence. Accountability, Commitment, and Integrity. Dare to be All I Can Be.

Leadership IMAPCTS
Practice … Preparation...Performance … Profess ionalism

Leadership Begins with Self‐Leadership 
    


Begin with who am I? What are my values and Core beliefs? What kind of Leader do I want to be? What motivates me? What do I value?

Student Leadership habits: 
Adapted from The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens by Sean Covey

Habit 1: Be Proactive “Take Responsibility for your life” Habit 2: Begin with The End in Mind “Define your mission and your goals in life.”

Habit 3: Put First Things First “Prioritize, and do the most important things first.” Habit 4: Think Win-Win “Have an everyone-can-win attitude.” Habit 5: Seek first to understand, then to be understood “Listen to people sincerely.” Habit 6: Synergize “Work together to achieve more.” Habit 7: Sharpen The Saw “Renew yourself regularly.” Student Leadership Goals  14 Character Traits 1: Attitude Development Effective Student Leaders display positive and enthusiastic attitudes at all times.

2: Communication Skills Effective Student Leaders must take the responsibility of a communicator seriously.

3: Positive Role Modeling Effective Student Leaders must set a proper example at all times.

4: Personal Responsibility Effective Student Leaders will take on whatever responsibility needed to accomplish “what needs to done when it needs to be done. ” what

5: Understanding Self - Motivati on Effective

 6: Sensitivity in Working wi th Peers   Effective Student leaders understand that they must “motivate and NOT dictate.”

7: Self - Accountability Effective Student Leaders understand that a primary quality to a successful leader is the ability for self-accountability.

8: Action Plans to Achieve Group Goals Effective Student Leaders are aware of the group goals and then take action plans to implement the necessary steps to ensure that the students in their section are properly prepared.

9: Understanding Leadership Effective Student Leaders will do what is right when no one is watching and stay true the organization’s core values.

Effective student leaders understand that only Together

11: Attributes of Leadership Effective Student Leaders portray the following attributes:

12: Commitment to Excellence

Effective Student Leaders are individuals who have a clear commitment to excellence.

13: INTEGRITY Effective Student Leaders conduct their lives with integrity. The dictionary defines integrity as “the soundness of moral character, adherence to ethical principles, and being unimpaired.”

14: WORK ETHIC Effective Student Leaders are the epitome of hard workers. Hard work is the basic building block of every kind of achievement.

Student Leadership Team
“If not now, when? If not here, where? If not you, who?” An intricate building block in the infrastructure of your organization will be your development of an effective Student Leadership Council.

An intricate building block in the infrastructure of your organization will be your development of an effective Student Leadership Council. A significant student leadership council will help assist the director in every operational aspect of the organization. Most importantly, you will be providing opportunities for your students to lead, motivate, and communicate with other students. These invaluable experiences will positively impact them for the rest of their lives. In addition, these leadership opportunities, will allow them to excel amongst their peers who may not be afforded the same opportunity.

A quality and meaningful marching band curriculum will focus on the development of your students both personal and as performers. There are many aspects to developing your students. Collectively, you have the unique...
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