Medical Ethics: Abortion

Topics: Pregnancy, Abortion, Religion Pages: 3 (890 words) Published: December 7, 2011

The medical issue that I have chosen to study is abortion. Abortion is the action of deliberately killing or removing an unborn child. This is controversial due to different beliefs about when a child has physical conscience or is ‘alive’ and for the reason in which a mother has for killing her unborn child. The ethical beliefs surrounding abortion depend on person to person and are strongly influenced by political and religious views. As technology improves the boundaries of what is allowed or is socially acceptable is being pushed and more people are questioning what should or should not be allowed, some are asking for a stricter laws but others are asking for looser regulations for the abortion of a child.

The current law surrounding abortion is based upon that a mother has 24 weeks after conception in which she can decide weather or not she wants to keep the child or not. Although this may be extended, to up to 40 weeks, depending on the physical health the baby may have, for example if the child is going to suffer from a sever handicap or illness then the mother is expected to make a decision whether if it is ‘worth’ the child being alive. Also the abortion limit may be extended if the mother of the child is at risk while carrying the child and in the case that the mother may be left with a disability or even die then the child can be aborted off the NHS at any point before labour. Recent developments have lead to the detection of unborn Childs physical properties before they are actually born, this allows for the option to abort a handicapped baby before it grows to be a fully understanding child. Additionally doctors can screen a mother to see what properties a child will have in unnatural birth, this way the parents can choose what gender, hair colour and other features there child could have.

In the past the government has always followed the beliefs of religion and it is until recently that the NHS has...
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