Media vs You

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Sam Crisci
English 122

With constant pressure placed upon the shoulders of fashion designers, the competition and strive to create new trends will never fade. The media is a popular source that displays the most up to date trends, catching many people’s attention. It is a way of influencing each individual to create their own unique style based off the current trend. Depending upon the season, each trend is fit to camouflage into the colors and ideal appearance for that specific type of weather. The wardrobes that you see on TV, in magazines, and on every day people are connected with the style that is trending at that given moment. Through the use of body image, peer pressure, and psychological impact, the media negatively affects the fashion world.

With the amount of people living in the world, there are a countless number of outfits you will see being put together. There are a select amount of people that like to dress the exact way the media does and then there are people that like to dress the way they want to. The in-between people take the media and their own likes, making it into their own style, personal expression. The way you dress is simply defining who you are as a person. The inside merely reflects on who you are on the outside, which unfortunately gives people a chance to judge you.

Throughout the years of growing up, people begin to realize their surroundings more frequently and focus less on themselves. Society sets norms for each culture that are said to be the ‘right’ or ‘normal’ way of acting upon things. Many people try to fit in with the norms so they don’t stand out from others, focusing negative attention on themselves. Although there are plenty of options on how to live your life and express yourself, people only soak in the common lifestyle and image that is said to be recommended or recognized. “We have neglected to accept alternative lifestyles and images because many of us continue to look to others to see how we should look and feel” (Negative). With this said, most of our culture relies on the way that other people feel about themselves and we strive to get that similar positive confidence.

Mostly women starting around their teen years, have a distorted perspective of their body types and physical looks. Although the average woman is said to be between 130-140 pounds standing at 5’4”, many ladies believe that they are overweight. Considering the media posts many pictures and television shows based about very tall and thin people, the women tat have the average body size compare themselves to these models. Most of the fashion shows that you see in magazines or in fashion week are displaying very brittle women who have no ounce of body fat and flaunt their exotic looks with extreme make up or flattering clothes. Although these average women have a great shape and look healthy, they compare themselves to these said to be perfect models and then take it out on themselves for looking the way they do. “How is an average person supposed to look at these women in clothes they will potentially be buying and feel good about themselves when they put them on” (Negative 1).

Many girls that view their bodies in negative ways let their consciousness reflect on the outside as well. You can tell when a girl is very self-conscious by the way she acts, talks, and presents herself. Some girls don’t admit that they have these problems, but if they are not solved sometimes they can get worse. From the correct way of putting yourself into shape by exercising and eating healthy, some of these girls take it to the extreme and begin to have eating disorders. Slowly but surely, these well rounded and perfectly average women start to lose massive amounts of weight and become very ill, losing their natural glow. When they start to become extremely skinny, they feel that they can fit ‘better’ into the clothes that they love. The new fashion trends that these girls have always wanted to try begin to...
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