Topics: Advertising, Mass media, New media Pages: 4 (1286 words) Published: February 17, 2013
Challenges Faced By Pakistani Media

Pakistani media has got significant progress during the last decade, as it is moving forward it is also facing many challenges. Solution for these challenges is very important to reach the standards of ideal media situation. There are so many challenges Pakistani media is facing. One of the main challenges Pakistani media is facing is the control of media giants over the media. In this situation one person (whether politician or other person) is having may be three or four channels and controlling the information according to their own agendas. Our information is depending on these media giants thus, we may not get the neutral and true information. As these channels are getting more advertisers so they have more strong economy and doing what they want. The role of government in this situation is very poor. They should make a policy that one person will not be able to own more than one channel and also check that even in one family there is only one channel owner. Internationally owned channels will have to pay a huge amount for their licenses. There should be a balanced policy about the transmission of these national and internationally owned channels and every channel has to follow it if they want to show their transmission in Pakistan. So, no one could use it as a propaganda tool. Another problem is the competition of these channels. Although in some cases it is useful because they reveal so many truths about each other, but most of the time they are in the competition of giving breaking news and make it sensational or a source of entertainment rather providing the information. In this competition they cover so many sensitive issues in an unethical way, and so many non issues are also coming e.g. Shoaib & Sania’s wedding. Media gave an extensive coverage to this issue that was totally unethical and may be some channels who are not interested to show all these issues, have to show because of this competition. Government can...
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