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Topics: Summer Olympic Games, 2012 Summer Olympics, Olympic Games Pages: 1 (270 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Advert analysis
The advert I am analysing is a picture of an athlete riding towards the Olympic stadium. This image gives me the viewer the idea that the Olympian is cycling towards his dreams the ‘gold medal’. This still advert has many colours including blue, brown, grey, pink and yellow. These colours are all colours which stand out and catch the viewer’s eye. The variety of colours connotes celebration and appeals to both sex’s male and female this is good as the audience varies. Along with variety of colours the order of the images in this advert is key as the further away the image gets the more beautiful the picture becomes. Aswell as this the Olympic stadium is the main image. The way the producer has shown that the stadium is the main image is by adding a vibrant yellow light shining onto this glorious attraction. The camera shot also plays a part as it is a long shot from high up showing inside and outside.

Moving on from the image the writing is white on a blue background away from the main image. The writing indicates that the tickets for London Olympic Games are only on sale till the 26th April so get them while you can. These tickets are described at the greatest tickets on earth; this persuasive language used by the maker of the advert could draw attention and encourage the audience to purchase them. In the top right hand corner there is the logo of the 2012 Olympics this logo shows that the still ad is official and the website provided can be trusted.
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