Media Richness

Topics: Communication, Social presence theory Pages: 3 (857 words) Published: February 23, 2013
Media Richness


Media richness is a medium's data-carrying capacity, that is, the volume and variety of information that can be transmitted during a specific time (McShane & Von Glinow, 2013, p. 268).

In the reviewed article, "Media Richness, Social Presence and Technology Supported Communication Activities in Education" written by Brian Newberry, it discussed the importance of communicative activities in educational environments. The activities consist of students conversing or corresponding with other students in multiple ways. This experiment gave the students a opportunity to understand which forms of communication was more effective rather than less effective. Newberry stated that because of the development of new communication technologies, and the creation of activities in which the new communications technologies are being used, it was important to examine the ways the usage of different technologies impact the quality or nature of communications between people. Also in some cases it is important or desirable for individuals to become aware of others as people and be able to more readily empathize and understand the people with whom they are communicating (Newberry). The article suggests that different technologies have different impacts or effects on the messages conveyed. Through research the strongest communication is by face to face because it allows the message to get through more clearly with higher understanding and reception of the message intended.


In relativity to a student going to school online versus a student going in a classroom, which do you think gain the most? I mean networking is always important to any person pursuing a career these days and let's face it. Everyone in your classroom is preparing themselves to be somebody so I believe there is no better place to network then a classroom. In our online environment, do you think you will remember my name if I came to...
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