Media Landscape in the World

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Media Landscape in the World
The New Modern Media
October 12, 2012
The New Modern Media
Watching TV while having morning coffee, listening radio on the way to work, checking Facebook before work, tweeting in the lunch break, and googling information related to work; that is the way the new modern media has changed our lives. To understand the term modern media more, Debashis Aikat(n.d.), Associate Professor and Media Futurist, has come up with a definition, “Modern media refers to mass communication characteristic of recent times, or the contemporary communication relating to a recently developed or advanced technology(Aikat, n.d.)” So that basically means that modern media is the media which is connected to new technologies. Nowadays that is so easy to access different kinds of modern media; however, this new type of media continuously excludes different groups of people. We are used to say that is so easy to access the internet. Just take your computer, tablet, or Smartphone and you are connected. Wait! How many people are not able to do that? To have the connection, the basic thing we need is electricity. We need to charge all of the devices in order to use them. According to a newspaper Arabia 2000, in the year 2011 about 20 percent of world’s population still lived without electricity(Arabia 2000, 2011). So these people are totally excluded from the modern media. Actually, the number is even bigger. Because electricity is just the basic thing we need. But there are people who have electricity, but they cannot afford the devices to be connected to internet. Some could argue that all kind of media cost, and old media is even more expensive because, for instance, newspapers do not have that much of information but cost almost a dollar a day. There is a difference if you have to pay a dollar whenever you decide to have a newspaper or you have to spend a few hundred dollars for device, and then you have to get the internet connection, and of course pay for...
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