Theories of Human Communication, the Social Media and the Arab Spring.

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  • Published: July 7, 2011
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Mass communication is an old concept but along with each passing day this concept has been improved. Today, due to mass communication each corner of the globe is affected. This is the best way of communicating with the world. Now, communication can be discriminated into several types and each type possesses its unique features. According to the social scientists, conversation or interaction between two people can be termed as dyad. For instance, two or multiple people are employed to exchange dialogues or confronting face to face; this particular type of communication is termed as dyadic communication (“An Introduction to Communication Studies”, 2007). Each human being experiences dyadic communication on daily basis. This type of communication is solely responsible for connecting one human being with others.

Intrapersonal communication is another important part of communication and is intertwined with human nature. This type of communication can be called the “voice of your mind”. It is the reciprocation of what you think and this process is a continuous. It goes on behind one mind throughout the day and even during nights. Communication, not necessarily should be verbal or confronting another human being (“Interpersonal Communication”, 1996). The voice of mind could be due to the interpretation of any thought or may be, it could be the result of any situation. Obvious responding to any situation can be called as intrapersonal communication. For example; a boy is scared before an extemporary round or a person feels nervous before approaching an unknown person.

Communication between a small numbers of people can be termed as small group conversation but the characteristics are different from dyadic communication. In small group communication formation of a group can be encountered and group members will defend each other (“An Introduction to Communication Studies”, 2007). This clearly says that majority can defeat small number of people in...
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