Media Evaluation

Topics: Advertising, Communication design, Brand Pages: 3 (737 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Ikea launched an billboard advertising campaign with Love, Hope and Joy. This campaign was launched in European with creative strategy and creative ideas. People will be attracted to the advertisement due to the creative idea in promoting a product or brand name of a company. Advertising is very important for the success of a company to deliver the message to the customers. Ikea is the world’s most successful mass-market retailer, selling Scandinavian-style home furnishings and other house goods in 230 stores in 33 countries and hosting 410 million shoppers per year. Finding the right manufacture for the right product is a key component of the company’s success (Ikea). Body

The advertising objectives are to increase an impact that advertisers hope to create in the minds of the people who read, view or listen to the ads (Wells, Spence-Stone, Crawford, Moriarty, Mitchell, 2009, pg 20 ). The objective of advertising is to achieve the client’s objective. Ikea is trying to increase brand awareness in the mind of consumers. Ikea is also trying to inform customers there is love between in the family when we are using Ikea ‘s product as our furniture in our home. These are messages that this billboard advertisement trying to tell to the customers. Strategy is the logic and planning behind the advertisement that gives it direction and focus (Wells, Spence-Stone, Crawford, Moriarty, Mitchell, 2009, pg 21). The creative strategy that they use is using a billboard to deliver the message to their target audience which is one of the efficient ways to actually meet their objectives. The creative concept is the ad’s central, which grabs our attention and stays in our mind and it is easily recalled with the right prompts (Wells, Spence-Stone, Crawford, Moriarty, Mitchell, 2009, pg 21 ) . Ikea is using “ LOVE’’ as the ad’s central idea to grabs people’s attention and stay in their mind. People will be wondering with the word “ LOVE’’ and find out the meaning of...
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