Media Representation Analysis

Topics: Australia, Australia Day, Culture of Australia Pages: 4 (1357 words) Published: August 8, 2012
Media Unit 1- 2012
Assessment Task 1 Representation Analysis- Lamb Barbie Girl

This is a stereotypical representation of Australians in today’s modern society. This campaign enforces Australian people to buy lamb to support their national day, as well as the people of their country. This idea is further implemented into the target audience through the use of specific codes and conventions that develop that generalized idea of, being ‘Australian’.

This representation targets a range of Australian people of all ages, preferably families, and adults who support their national day and embrace Australian culture. Historically Australia made its fortune through the production of wool, where the product was traded worldwide. Therefore it developed Australia’s multiculturalism, bringing a wide variation of demographic backgrounds to our, initially, prevailing white nation. The campaign is directed towards, both male and female, including people of all socio- economic classes and demographic backgrounds. Whether they are women, who tend to buy the lamb, or men who are usually the ones to go home and cook. Thus, the advertisement is aimed at both men and women, as there is an equally fair amount of both sexes presented. In particular, this advertisement strongly targets Australia’s younger generation as they are ‘the future of Australia’, which the ‘I’m A Barbie Girl’ soundtrack emphasizes, as well as the tanned, sporty looking girls who frolic around in retro bikinis which also develops on that idea. In this representation the use of mis- en scene emphasizes that stereotypical Australian culture. Through the use of both, clothing and makeup the perceived Australian in modern society is accessorized with light saving costumes, board shorts, mullets as well as props, including fake tan, beach ball etc. The barbeque being the most prominent feature in the image is immediately obvious as it is strongly cast out from the rest of the graphic through the use of...
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