Media Analysis

Topics: African American, Gender, White American Pages: 3 (1014 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Dr. Lierheimer
Intro to Women
Feb 20, 2013
Media Analysis Paper
The show that I watched was called "House" and the episode was titled "lockdown". The show is aired through a network called Cloo, which is a subsidiary of the Sci-fi network station. It comes on at 11 and 12 but this specific episode came on at 11. In this episode of house the entire hospital is shut down because a baby is missing from the nursery and no one knows who could have done it. While the staff is locked in the hospital, here are a lot more issues that come to life between coworkers and they began to learn more about each other. It turns out that one if the nurses who were suffering from a neurotic seizure had been responsible. I believe that the intended audience for this show would be those interested in the medical field as well as those who just like the "dramady"(drama and comedy) genre. This show is probably mostly viewed by the Caucasian race. That may seem a bit bias but there is an all-white cast, but if course there is the one African American that has a main role in the show. Thank god for Omar Epps who is a heavy weight in acting and has a large amount of supporting fans so I believe that he changes up the demographic for the show. But in my opinion having one black doctor in an entire hospital is u realistic. It is like the whole idea around African Americans being able to vote before we were granted that right. That only 3/5 of a black man could vote. It is ridiculous to think that but I think that they should have more diversity in race in the series. The cast is also "male heavy" and by that I mean the ratio of men to women in the main cast is 3:1. It takes away from the idea that women are smart and serious about their jobs as well as men. But it does give them strong roles in the how that a tidally represent the type of women that work in the medical field. I am not sure what hospital the show is filmed at but I want to believe that it is John Hopkins. There is no...
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