Media Analysis

Topics: Food, Family, Nutrition Pages: 1 (305 words) Published: November 16, 2010
Media Analysis

I recently watched a McDonalds commercial on television. It involved kids from all over the world scared and worried because Dad was cooking dinner, then when all the kids got home, they were excited because instead of the dad cooking dinner, they got McDonalds instead.

I found this commercial interesting because it shows how much we depend on fast food. In the commercial the dads were always in a hurry and didn’t have time for their families and didn’t have time to cook a nice meal, but don’t worry because McDonalds is here! Through this commercial we learn that McDonalds is a big influence on family dinners not just in America, but in every part of the world. Also we learned that if the dad is cooking he should just get McDonalds because that will make the kids happier.

The benefits in this commercial are hard to come by. One of the only benefits I could see is that it shows McDonalds is a global brand and is one of the top fast-food places in the world. This commercial also shows that if you are short on time and want to enjoy a family dinner, you should take the easy route and get McDonalds.

There are a couple problems I have with this commercial. This commercial portrays men as not being able to cook and not having enough time with their families. The kids in this commercial are terrified that dad is making dinner until they realize they are getting McDonalds, this makes dad seem weak and he that we can’t take care of his family without the help of fast food products. I don’t think the kids would be worried if mom was cooking dinner, so it makes the dad seem like the weaker spouse.
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