Topics: Internal Revenue Code, Mass media, Journalism Pages: 2 (452 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Audience Profile: Creating awareness about Media
My audience for this paper is very broad and specific too. My audience is not only the journalists, but all the targeted audience who rely on media for everything. It is called mass media because the masses believe what is shown on television whether true or false. The targeted audience spans a large age group that includes young students, middle age people, and old age people who believe what they see on television but are unaware of some of the bitter but true facts about media. The method of persuasion is through the establishment of ethos amongst the audience with the facts and proofs that even media needs to be checked regularly in terms of being biased. For example, Media Research Center (MRC) is a research and organization operating under Section 501© (3) of the internal revenue code. This organization commits to neutralize the left wing bias in the news media and popular culture. As a journalism student I find myself struggling for the reason of media being biased at certain intervals and places.

There are many stories range from arguments of the fairness in the reporting of print and broadcast media. Are they fairly reporting or are they not? Does it ever cross the line in reporting the news and creating the news? These questions prove that something goes wrong somewhere. The MRC writes and posts the articles so that the audience may think about the dark side of media and start looking for facts and proofs behind every statement broadcasted or printed. For instance, there are many articles which are strong enough to persuade the readers but they are giving out the false image. A follow-up with other reliable media sources is very important in order to build a decision for or against any news. The employees of the Media Research center are those people who want to neutralize the left-wing bias in the news and want to see a bias free media. These employees and my audience are mostly educated people who...
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