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Grant No. 28 33 - Ministry of Information
Medium -Term Expenditure
(Taka in thousand) Description Budget 2011-12 Non-Development Development Total 392,03,00 117,00,00 509,03,00 2012-13 436,34,77 97,60,00 533,94,77 2013-14 484,14,24 113,00,00 597,14,24 Projection 2014-15 542,01,44 125,00,00 667,01,44 2015-16 609,05,37 136,00,00 745,05,37


Mission Statement and Major Functions
Mission Statement
Keep the people well informed on Government policies, programmes and schemes relating to public welfare; build awareness among the people on the national history, heritage and culture; and ensure their right of access to information


Major Functions
a) b) c) Formulate and implement Government policy on media and public relations – both internal and external Coordinate all matters relating to media coverage of the state VVIPs/VIPs on their activities at home and abroad; Coordinate activities relating to public relations of the Ministries/Divisions and Bangladesh Missions abroad and activities associated with the media, and relations with regional and international organisations; Keep the Government informed of public opinions published/circulated in the mass media and establish liaison between the government and the media; Collect and release national and international news and act as a government spokesperson; Certify Cinematographic films for exhibition, make and preserve newsreels, documentaries and films and assist in the production and display of decent films by taking steps against vulgarity and piracy in films and award of National Film Award; Formulate, implement and update legislation on newspaper and its publication; administration of the Cinematograph and Censorship Act, and formulate and implement policies and legislation related to satellite television and national/commercial/community radio; Assist in the development of mass media industries and conduct research, publication and training on mass media;

d) e) f)




Medium Term Strategic Objectives and Key Activities
Key Activities • Mass awareness building campaign to implement the Right to Information Act • • • • • • • • • • Publicity for government’s development programmes and activities • Implementing Departments/Agencies Information Commission Bangladesh Television Department of Mass Communication Department of Films and Publications (DFP) Bangladesh Betar Bngladesh Sangbad Shangstha (BSS) National Institute of Mass Communication (NIMC) Press Information Department (PID) Press Institute of Bangladesh (PIB) Department of Films and Publications (DFP)

Medium Term Strategic Objectives 1. To ensure people’s right to information

Medium Term Strategic Objectives Key Activities • • • • • • 1. Quality improvement of the mass media industry and modernization of the broadcasting system • • • Internal Training of officers and staff Installation of modern equipments in the mass media industry Introduction of a digital broadcasting system Expansion of the broadcasting network • • • • • • • • • • 2. Improvement of the socioeconomic condition of the country by creating public awareness • Introduction of an internet- based broadcasting system Expansion of the community radio Broadcasting of On-line news Introduction of the second terrestrial channel Making films and documentaries, and broadcasting events on education, health, nutrition, women and children rights, poverty reduction, population control, preservation of the environment etc. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Collection, preservation and modernization of historic/informative films, newsreels, documentaries and film making instruments • • • • • Formulation and implementation of policies and legislation on public/private television, radio and community radio Research on films • Implementing Departments/Agencies Bangladesh Betar Bangladesh Television Department of Mass Communication Bangladesh Sangbad Shangstha Press Information Department All Departments...
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