Impact of Media on Indian Women

Topics: India, Mass media, Gender Pages: 3 (989 words) Published: August 15, 2012
Impact of ‘Media’ on Indian Women

(usually used with a plural verb) the means of communication, as radio and television, newspapers, and magazines, that reach or influence people widely: The media are covering the speech tonight.

Media has always been creating impacts on our life. Whether based on education, information or entertainment, gaining the latest news on these topics has been made easier nowadays with the help of the media. In India, media is a fourth pillar of the democracy due to its social responsibilities.

Media's impact on society can be judged from many perspectives such as social, economic and political.

All of these perspectives are merged and explained below:-

1) Generating awareness on various social evils like dowry, female feticide and infanticide, etc. this has led to the decline in the incidence of them.

2) Bringing into focus any atrocities faced by women of the weaker sections of the society. This has brought in a sense of security to the women of the weaker sections. Majority groups fear to do any harm to them. In the long run, this will bring peace and tranquility among communities.

3) Generating awareness on good practices like health, hygiene, nutrition etc. thereby improving the living standards.

4) Media is responsible for generating pan India identity and enabling Indian women to loosen their parochial and narrower identity which in turn has led to an increase in the number of Indian women seeking education, going for higher studies and pursuing a job. This has led to a decrease in the so called ‘Gender inequality system.’

5) Media has been showing in new employment opportunities that are available in the market. This has enabled a common woman with requisite skills to grab them. Thus, today women are matching the men in every step and are coming out on top in whichever profession they are in, be it director of a successful movie or being the CEO of a major multinational corporation and even...
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