Mechanical Properties of Fluids

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  • Published : July 9, 2011
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1 Torricelli’s barometer used mercury. Pascal duplicated it using French wine of density 984 kg m-3. Determine the height of the wine column for normal atmospheric pressure. 2 A vertical off-shore structure is built to withstand a maximum stress of 109 Pa. Is the structure suitable for putting up on top of an oil well in the ocean? Take the depth of the ocean to be roughly 3 km, and ignore ocean currents. 3 A hydraulic automobile lift is designed to lift cars with a maximum mass of 3000 kg. The area of cross-section of the piston carrying the load is 425 cm2. What maximum pressure would the smaller piston have to bear? 4 A U-tube contains water and methylated spirit separated by mercury. The mercury columns in the two arms are in level with 10.0 cm of water in one arm and 12.5 cm of spirit in the other. What is the specific gravity of spirit? 5 In the previous problem, if 15.0 cm of water and spirit each are further poured into the respective arms of the tube, what is the difference in the levels of mercury in the two arms? (Specific gravity of mercury = 13.6) 6 Can Bernoulli’s equation be used to describe the flow of water through a rapid in a river? Explain. 7 Does it matter if one uses gauge instead of absolute pressures in applying Bernoulli’s equation? Explain. 8 Glycerine flows steadily through a horizontal tube of length 1.5 m and radius 1.0 cm. If the amount of glycerine collected per second at one end is 4.0 × 10-3 kg s-1, what is the pressure difference between the two ends of the tube? (Density of glycerine = 1.3 × 103 kg m-3 and viscosity of glycerine = 0.83 Pa s). [You may also like to check if the assumption of laminar flow in the tube is correct]. 9 In a test experiment on a model aeroplane in a wind tunnel, the flow speeds on the upper and lower surfaces of the wing are 70 m s-1and 63 m s-1 respectively. What is the lift on the wing if its area is 2.5 m2? Take the density of air to be 1.3 kg m-3. 10 What is the...
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