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Carlingford High School





Time Allowed: 2 hours

* Attempt all questions
* Answer all questions in the spaces provided on this paper.

SECTION I: Multiple Choice Questions (Q1-15)
(15 marks)

SECTION II: Extended Response Questions (Q16-29)
(65 marks)

Name: __________________________ Class: _____________

SECTION I: 15 Multiple Choice Questions (15 marks)

Place a cross in the appropriate space below.

| A| B| C| D|
1| | | | |
2| | | | |
3| | | | |
4| | | | |
5| | | | |
6| | | | |
7| | | | |
8| | | | |
9| | | | |
10| | | | |
11| | | | |
12| | | | |
13| | | | |
14| | | | |
15| | | | |



Use the Multiple Choice Answer Sheet provided to record your answers for this section.

1. Foam is an example of which type of colloid?

A. Liquid in liquid
B. Solid in liquid
C. Solid in gas
D. Gas in liquid

2. What is a solution?

E. A uniform mixture that contains dissolved substances. F. A mixture containing particles that settle out, or form layers, quickly. G. A mixture containing particles that remain suspended, for long periods of time. H. A mixture of oil-in-water or water-in-oil.

3. The diagram below shows Substance X being mixed with substance Y.

The following tests were then carried out on this mixture:

From these results it is most likely that the mixture of X and Y is a:

A. Colloid
B. Solution
C. Solvent
D. Suspension

4. The diagram shows two identical test tubes. One contains some mercury and the other contains a similar volume of water.

What conclusions can be reached by observing the shape of each meniscus?

I. The surface tension in mercury is greater than the surface tension in water. J. The surface tension in water is greater than the surface tension in mercury. K. The surface tension in mercury is greater than the forces between mercury particles and the walls of the test tube. L. The surface tension in water is greater than the forces between water particles and the walls of the test tube.

5. What are some factors that affect the validity of a first-hand investigation?

M. Tables, Graphs, Safety
N. A control group, Accurate measurement, Safety
O. Controlled variables, Accurate measurement, Reliability P. Clear instructions, Data in tables, Models to be tested

6. Which is a correct statement about the effect of skin microflora on skin pH?

Q. Skin microflora increase skin pH
R. Skin microflora cause a decrease in skin pH
S. Skin microflora have no effect on the pH of skin
T. Skin microflora cause the pH of skin to vary from 3 to 11

7. Enteric coated tablets are designed to do which of the following?

U. Release medication as quickly as possible into the bloodstream V. Resist being dissolved by acid
W. Dissolve quickly in water before being taken
X. Dissolve in the stomach

8. Which list contains ONLY fat-soluble vitamins?

Y. A B C D
Z. A D E K
[. B D E K
\. A B C K

9. The list below shows a range of different information systems used daily.


What are TWO things that each of these systems have in common?

]. They are all verbal and electronic
^. They are all non-verbal and short distance
_. They are all electronic and long distance
`. They are all non-electronic

10. Which of the following is ONE type of wave in the electromagnetic spectrum NOT currently used for...
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