Meat Lover's Delight

Topics: Olfaction, Flavor, Sausage Pages: 1 (434 words) Published: April 19, 2011
Using my sense of taste and smell I could describe why pizza been around so long. Pizza is enjoyed by millions of people every day. It originated in Naples, Italy. The very first pizza was only made of dough and tomato sauce. It was considered peasant food until Queen Margherita of Italy was introduced to it by Chef Raffaele Esposito. The pizza he made for her consists of tomato sauce, basil, and cheese to represent the colors of the Italian flag. Since then the pizza has evolved. With it becoming popular all around the world several different varieties have been made. Depending on one’s personal taste it can be the best thing ever. My personal favorite is Meat Lover’s pizza. Meat Lovers consist of pepperoni, ham, beef, pork sausage, Italian sausage, bacon, tomato, and cheese. Upon your first bite you are overwhelmed with herbs and spices seasoned to please ones mouth. The cheese has a slight crisp to it as well as with a little salty, gooey satisfaction that melts in your mouth. Made with fresh tomatoes’, the sauce has a hint of garlic, basil, oregano. It gives the pizza a sweetness and acidic flavor that is both mesmerizing. The charcoal crust that is slightly buttered around the edges is baked to perfection. It is covered with countless meats that make it hard to differentiate between them all. The pepperoni has a salty and greasy taste to it while the ham has a smokey maple flavored. With the Pork and Italian sausage they complement each other well. They have a spicy and plain taste to them that kind of reminds you of sweet and sour. And the addition of bacon it adds to the crisp chewy grease taste. The aroma of the pizza fills the air with its many pleasures. The bacon has a Maillard Reaction as the sugars and fat combine and caramelized and brown and give off a smell that is hypnotizing .The basil and oregano scent varies with an earthy fresh smell. It’s hard to compare to anything else. The authentic tomatoes’ sauce is the...
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