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Project Conceptualization

A. Introduction

It was the Italians who introduced us to the world of pasta and pizza. Migliore’s menu will be one of the most appetizing and delectable lineups of Italian cuisine you could ever find in the Philippines. It offers a wide array of pasta and pizza dishes on top of rice meals and other recipes that imbues homemade Italian appeal consistently.

The pasta meals are made of different noodle shapes and sizes, different ingredients different sauces, and different colors even all are equally enticing and delightful in their very own sense. The choices of pizzas are also extensive and flavorful. Different toppings mean different satisfaction. It is really up to you to choose what suits your palette best. Food this good must come with a price, right? Surprisingly, we will offer the most reasonable prices for its very rich menu. The food servings will be large and can fill two hungry stomachs. If you take Migliore that way, the cost becomes less.

But wait, Migliore will not just be about food, it will also cater people who are into the so called “the engine of the restaurant” which is the bar.

Migliore Restaurant and Bar is creatively designed and embellished with necessary and attractive ornaments and furniture that would fit the relaxation and comfort needs of consumers.

B. Background of the Business

“Migliore” is an Italian word which means the “highest quality” or “best”. Since it is noticeable that there are some restaurants and bars in and near Marikina that caters people with good music, great ambience and satisfying service, the researchers came up with the idea of an establishment that would not only provide customers the need of foods and drinks but will also consider and deliver an experience that would be worth to pay for. Every one of us would prefer to be in a place where you just enjoy the rest of the day and that can make you forget stressful activities. Drinking and Dinning is at its best if its starts with a good service that comes with an establishment with beautiful ambiences.

Migliore will provide friendly and excellent service including delectable and fresh variety of foods and beverages. Compared to its competitors, Migliore will be updated with the latest trends and demands of customers’ needs.

C. Mission Statement

The company's goal is that of a multi-faceted success. Our first responsibility is to the financial well-being of the restaurant. We will meet this goal while trying to consider; 1) the effect of our products on the health and well being of our customers (and our staff), 2) the impact that our business practices and choices will have on the environment, and 3) the high quality of attitude, fairness, understanding, and generosity between management, staff, customers, and vendors. Awareness of all these factors and the responsible actions that result will give our efforts a sense of purpose and meaning beyond our basic financial goals.

D. Vision Statement

To be well known as one of the leading Restaurant and Bar not only in the vicinity area but as well as in other places.

E. Industry Analysis

Although the restaurant and bar industry is very competitive, the lifestyle changes created by modern living continue to fuel its steady growth. More and more people have less time, resources, and ability to cook for themselves. Trends are very important and “Migliore” is well positioned for the current interest in lighter, healthier foods at moderate to low prices. And since people nowadays are tired of working all day long, they somehow look for a place where they can chill, unwind and be relaxed, “Migliore” is always ready to cater and serve those best foods and beverages that would relieve their stress and tiredness as well.

F. Justification and Importance of the Study

People are sensitive and picky in selecting a place where they can eat. There are lots of things they...
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