Meat and Milk Factories by Peter Singer and Jim Mason

Topics: Farm, Pain, Weaning Pages: 3 (1030 words) Published: March 2, 2012
After the visit to "Wayne Bradley's" farm, Peter Singer and Jim Mason share some very important information on the experience with farming. Singer and Mason together examine negative impacts that individual Americans food choices have upon farmers, they believe should be the basis of dietary basics. The negative effects of much agriculture on animals, human health, and our environment as they have little faith that the American government will actually take the initiative to force the food industry to change without a lot of pressure, with this being said consumers, such as Mr. Bradley, force for reformed market behavior through demand for the food product, animals. Singer and Mason spend considerable time at Mr. Bradley farm to expose the problems in poor practice in farming animals.

Mr. Bradley farm, was described as being at the near end of the intersection of two farm roads, this was so the animals sheltered there would be safe from the winter time. Along the driveway you found tractors, trucks and much different machinery, along with the pig confinement. The farm belongs to Bradley's father and grandfather, in whom he has been involved with the place since 1875; however his son also farms with his own cattle. Bradley farms, over 2.600 acres, that includes rented by nearby neighbors, they sell over 10,000 to 12,000 pigs a year.

Wayne begin his tour explain how the government has put stress on his farming life, ""He feels that his farm is under intense regulation and intense scrutiny all the time". He describes how other farmers use the waste (manure) because of the regulation, which once the weather comes in its spreaded along the creeks, when on the other hand he uses it as soil for his farming.

Along the tour, Singer and Mason saw where the Bradley's actually housed the pigs, and after view other farms they could say it was different. In which the confinement was better for the pigs when the weather was bad they could easily been...
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