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Topics: Mixed martial arts, Sleep, Exercise Pages: 1 (371 words) Published: May 2, 2013
I am a 16 year old guy who enjoys many activities. Sleeping, Mix Martial Arts, and sleeping. My three favorite activities are Sleeping, Mix Martial Arts (MMA), and Skateboarding. I enjoy these activities because I get energized, worked out, and just have fun.

One of the things I enjoy doing is just plain sleeping. I sleep to energize my body. When I sleep it gives me the energy I need to play sports, go to school, study, hang out with friends, and the energy I need to type up this essay and get through the day. Secondly I sleep to escape the real world and just have a good dream. I sleep at times of stress to escape my problems and go where ever, whenever, and how ever I want. Lastly I sleep to pass the time, because when I sleep time goes by very fast, so it’s easy to sleep instead of waiting and I’ll be rested. Sleeping has many advantages, that’s why it’s one of my favorite activities.

Secondly, I enjoy Mix Martial Arts (MMA). MMA helps me maintain good health because we do a lot of exercise, cardio fitness, running, and skipping rope. Also MMA teaches me self-defence by going through and learning new techniques, and moves to defend myself in a bad situation. Lastly, I meet new people with the same interests. I meet new people and friends at the gym who enjoy the same thing. That’s why I like doing Mix Martial Arts.

Last but not least, I very much enjoy skateboarding. Skateboarding is good exercise because I’m always moving, jumping and pushing. Secondly, it is good for my health because I’m exercising and I’m outside getting sun light. Also I meet a lot of new and interesting people with the same interests as me at the skate park. Skateboarding is also very fun and makes me feel good when I learn and land new tricks. That’s why I like skateboarding.

The three things I enjoy doing is sleeping, Mix Martial Arts, and Skateboarding. These are my top three favorite activities because they are very relaxing, but also tiring, and can be very fun...
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