Mcdonalds Marketing Communication Strategy Assignment

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  • Published : March 24, 2013
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Marketing Communications Strategy
- Our Marketing Communication Strategy will be mainly focussing on advertising and personal selling in the marketing communications mix, with a television commercial for advertising and in store marketing for personal selling. - The television commercial will be a short introduction of our product with associations of the season, surrounded with the McDonald feelings and sounds which come always with their commercials. - The in store marketing consist of billboards in the stores of the new product and, which we think is very important, trained cashiers who are asking every customer, after they made their order, if they want to add the ‘Vla’ to their order. - We choose television because it’s relatively cheap to reach a very large audience. We think is important to let the whole country know about our product (product awareness). This product is for everybody in the Netherlands, although some segments will be purchasing it more than others (families for example). With television we can bring the associations of the season with our product, which is valuable. We do not use television for direct-response purposes, but want to let the customer know about our product and make them curious. The next time they step into a McDonald’s branch they are aware and curious of the existing of the product and that will result in a higher chance that the customer purchase the ‘Vla’. - Furthermore we choose in store marketing because it’s a very effective and cheap way to let McDonald consumers purchase the ‘Vla’. We use it to reinforces the television commercial, because customers already notice the existence of the product, maybe are already benevolent to try the new product. If they see the product on billboards in the store and thereafter are asked proactively to them if they want to try the new product the chance that they will purchase the product will increases substantially. Now we can speak of a integrated marketing...
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