Maybelline vs. Mary Kay

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  • Published : November 19, 2012
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Mary Kay vs. Maybelline
Mary Kay has been one of America’s most trusted global names in skin care, makeup & body care for many years, as well as Maybelline cosmetics. Both provide America and the rest of the world with astonishing beauty products like make up, lip stick, and lip gloss. When American women and teenagers go out to buy their cosmetics, they are bombarded with different ads and different products saying that what they make is the best thing out there. Mary Kay and Maybelline cosmetics are always going back in forth with their many different cosmetics and it is leaving women and teenagers clueless which one is better all across the United States. The newest lip gloss that Mary Kay has come out with is NouriShine Plus. NouriShine Plus has a new NouriShine formula that nourishment the lips right when being applied. It comes in 6 irresistible colors all enhanced with super shine sparkles to give your lips the perfect shine. The Lip Gloss, unlike other lip glosses has good for you ingredients that will not stick to your lips, but will wear away over time. The model who is modeling the product has no pores on her face what so ever, a smooth face, is applying the lip gloss with a relaxed and confident look on her face, and has perfect red lips that shine with the NouriShine Plus Rockin-Red Lip Gloss. The model also has a photo shopped check and chin line, perfect eyebrows, and bright shining red jewelry that matches the lip gloss to a T. Mary Kay put there Facebook page and website name on the bottom of the add so that viewers of the add can look further into the different types of Mary Kay cosmetics. On the add itself it says this about their new Lip Gloss “Drench your lips in irresistible colors. In finishes that go from supershine to shimmering sparkle. And pamper lips with good-for-you ingredients. To color your lips incredible, contact your Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant or connect with one at” Obviously Mary Kay is happy...
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