Maybeline Face Powder

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Months after the successful launching of Maybelline Clear Smooth Face Powder, Rose B. Librieza, Coordinator of Marketing Operations, found herself reading survey results handed to her by one of her staff. As of three weeks ago, there is still no substantial data that will tell whether the Clear Smooth Face Powder is now the product leader in terms of its category in the market so she had a survey done to evaluate product performance. The report (consisting of 25 respondents in a random sample, Exhibit 1) contains information that she would use to plan the next steps the company needs to take to maximize the visibility of their product. Rose is determined to take advantage of the fact that the market was very receptive to the launch. In fact, the pressed powder easily became one of the brand’s best selling items. She is serious about making Maybelline Clear Smooth Face Powder one of the leaders in the pressed powder market. A study that was done prior to the launch of the product indicated that pressed powders reflect more than 80% market penetration, which means more than 80% of the respondents used a pressed powder at least once in the year prior to the study. This shows that pressed powders do have high usage in the country. Another study conducted during the product launch revealed that more than 90% of the purchasers were very satisfied with the product and more than 90% also had an intention to repurchase the product—one of the highest repurchase intentions Maybelline has seen in a product launch so far. In terms of sell out, the product has been the main driver for the double digit growth in the face category. Sales for this product increased despite the fact that it was not advertised in the television. Due to these reasons, Rose carefully analyzes the results of the current survey on her desk to draft a marketing strategy that will ensure increased market awareness of their product, and thus, to have Maybelline Clear Smooth Face Powder achieve the status of being “the household brand” when it comes to pressed face powders for teenagers and young professionals.

The Company
In 1915, T.L. Williams (Thomas Williams) created the Maybelline Company, a family-owned business. The company was named after his sister Maybel, who was very much in love with a guy that didn’t even gave a slightest hint that he liked her in return. T.L. then was inspired to produce and sell an easy-to-use product to darken eyelashes, called the Mascara since he’s a chemist by profession. In 1917, Maybelline launched its very first product, Maybelline Cake Mascara, the first modern eye cosmetic for everyday use. Advertised and sold exclusively by mail, the mascara was received so well by the general public that women start to ask for it in drugstores. In 1930s, Maybelline expanded into eyebrow pencils and eye shadows. In 1932, A 10-cent package of Maybelline mascara was created and distributed to drug and variety stores, which significantly expanded Maybelline’s distribution from exclusively mail order sales to retail outlets nationwide

In 1960s, It launched the Ultra Lash Mascara, a waterproof formula. A true breakthrough, Ultra Lash is the first mass-marketed "automatic" mascara, meaning that the mascara is applied directly to the brush in the tube. In 1967, Plough Inc. acquires Maybelline. In 1969, Maybelline USA executives moved into Plough’s headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee and began to plan a state-of-the-art manufacturing and distribution facility. In 1970s, Maybelline successfully branched out into additional cosmetic categories: face, lip and nail. In 1971, Plough Inc. became Schering-Plough Corporation. At the time of the sale, Maybelline operated an assembly plant and warehouse in Alslip, Illinois. Also during that year, Great Lash, a water-based mascara, is introduced and makes mascara history. Today, it’s still the numberone best-selling mascara in the marketplace,...
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