Mat 126 Week 2 Assignment

Topics: Meal, Mathematics, Food Pages: 2 (413 words) Published: September 29, 2012
Grams of Fat
Jessica Wallen
Prof. Kussiy Alyass
September 23, 2012

Grams of Fat
Everyday we consume large amounts of food that we absolutely love. On occasion we do question the content of these foods, but not enough to actually do the math to see percentages of fats and sugars that we are putting in our bodies. But maybe it is time for us to calculate what our favorite foods are actually consisting of.

The first packaged food I chose was chicken flavored ramen. Total grams of fat= 7g
Calories per gram of fat= 4
Total Calories= 190
Work: 7x4=28 (28/190)* 100 = .14736*100= 14.736= 14.74% This means that 14.74% of the calories come from fat. The package states that only 11% comes from fat. I do believe they are mistaken.

The next packaged food that I chose was Knorr Chicken Noodles. I am a huge fan of pastas as you can see. Total grams of fat= 2g
Calories per gram of fat= 4
Total calories= 240
Work: 2x4=8 (8/240)*100= .03333*100= 3.333= 3.33%
This means that 3.33% of the calories come from fat. The package states this amount as well, but they rounded it down to 3% even. This is the only package that seems to be extremely close to accurate.

The last package I chose was cheetos puffs. Now this is my favorite snack food of all time and I consume quite a bit of them on a daily basis, so I am hoping that the damage isn’t too devastating. Total grams of fat= 10g

Calories per gram of fat= 4
Total calories= 150
Work: 10x4=40 (40/150)*100= .2666*100= 26.67= 26.67%
This means that 26.67% of the calories are from fat. Whereas the package states that the percentage is 15%. This is much worse than I was hoping it would be, but I am not at all surprised by this development.

After completing this assignment I much more aware of how careful I need to be when making my food choices. Sometimes I take the convenience of a meal into mind more so than the actual health of it all. It is definitely time for us to start calculating what...
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