Master of Horror

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  • Published : December 4, 2012
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Jennifer Chenault
Comm 101
Introductory Speech

Master of Horror
Today I have the honor to introduce and tell you a little about one of America’s and my own favorite novelists. He was born in Maine in 1947. He now resides in a part of Maine with his wife where he also has three children of his own. He was from a typical family until as a young boy his father left to get cigarettes and never returned. He moved around for awhile after that but then his family found their way back to Maine. His passion for writing began at a young age, when in 1959, he and his brother wrote a local newspaper. He later collaborated with his best friend in high school and wrote a collection of short stories, "People, Places, and Things--Volume I". Although he has sold over 350 million copies worldwide and published under two pen names, he has not always had the best of luck as you might imagine. During his first year at college he wrote his first novel and submitted it to only have it rejected. He graduated from college with a bachelor in English in 1970. He had a hard time finding a position and worked at a laundry mat and as a janitor. During this time he began submitting his short stories to men’s magazines. He finally landed a teaching job in the fall of 1971. He began writing a story about a little girl from his school days and soon only after a few pages thought that it was trash and his wife actually dug it out of the trash and encouraged him to finish it… he did and in 1973 he submitted, Carrie and it was bought from Doubleday and the publisher sold the rights for 400,000 and he would get half. The rest is basically history. But, I want to tell you a little more that you might not know about this accredited gentleman. Since then, he has written many novels, short stories, and comics and had much of his work made into films. A few of his works that may sound familiar to you are, the classic horror thriller, The Shining, It, Salem’s lot, The...
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