Walter Dean Myers: Amazing Author

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Raymond Palacio
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Walter Dean Myers is a well established author who writes compelling stories of the struggles of young adults. Walter Dean Myers became well known by his astounding achievements and amazing literature. A big part of what made Walter who he is today is his early life and how it affected his writing, his first success, his background, how his writing contributed to our youth, the controversies about him, and the fact of should his books be red in a high school. The great quality that Walter Dean Myers possesses is the quality to understand the everyday problems of children young adults; this quality was greatly mastered by events that affected Walter Dean Myers Early life and how this inspired him to write.

As a child, Walter Dean Myers had speech impairment in school. This problem with his speech meant that he had trouble reading regular written or printed words. Soon after an incident in class, which involved a speech to the class, Walter Dean Myers’s teacher noticed that it was much easier for him to read his own written words. This inspired him to write poems and short stories. Later when Walter was seventeen, he dropped out of high school and served in the army for three years. The struggles of being in the army only intensified his love towards writing. Shortly after exiting the army, Walter only had low paying jobs to do such as working in post office, as a messenger, and as a factory interviewer for the New York State Bureau of Labor. To any person; these are all great examples of early life events that affected his writing and his writing style.

In 1968, Walter Dean Myers challenged himself to further his love for writing by entering in a children’s book competition geared towards African American writers. Little did he know but, this competition would change his life. Walter Dean Myers decided to enter a book that he wrote called “Where Does the Day Go?” Walter’s Book won the competition, and officially became...
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