Mary Kay Ash

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Mary Kay Ash
Mary Kay products have been available for nearly 50 years. Using her total life savings of $5,000 the founder Mary Kay Ash started her business, a single mother of three trying to support her children. Putting god first, family second and career third she managed to create a multibillion-dollar international company that would reflect her values along with a fulfilling life (Ash, 1995). Early Years

One of Mary Kay's believes was that one should not reveal her age. The exact birth year of Mary Kay is unknown but thought to have been around 1916. She was the youngest of four children of Edward and Lula Wagner of Hot Wells, TX. With her father being ill with tuberculosis it was her responsibility to cook, clean and care for her father while her mother was working. School years for Mary Kay were great but the circumstances her parents were unable to send her to college. By the time Mary Kay was seventeen she was married and went on to have three children of her own ( She began studying to become a doctor and selling part time for Stanley Home Products in Houston, TX, but soon learned that selling was her trait. In 1952, Mary Kay began working for a company in Dallas, TX by the name of World Gift Company in sales. After 25 years of corporate sales she decided to call it quits (Ash, 1995). Change

For Mary Kay she was upset for the way she had been treated in the male-dominated business world. Mary Kay turned her attention to writing which turned out to be the business plan for her operation. In 1963, Mary Kay took her savings of $5,000 and the help of her son Richard Rogers and opened her first store in Dallas, TX. With only nine beauty consultants that she called her team, she began what today is Mary Kay Inc. The first year of operation the team made nearly $200,000 (Stefoff, 1992). Known for the Pink Cadillac's that were given as incentives for top sales directors, Mary Kay thought the most effective strategies would be...
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