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Worldwide known lodging company – Marriot International is famous for number of products and services they deliver to its customers. But what is that, that makes them one of the leaders in their industry and attracts both customers and employees? As it is known the combination of such important criteria as innovation, people management, social responsibility, financial performance, use of corporate assets, investment, quality of products and services make Marriott International one of “100 Best Companies to work for” as Fortune magazine stated in year 2007 and earlier. However, out of these criteria there are couple major ones that create company’s mission statement and the basis for their strategy.

Marriott’s International Mission Statement includes the following major aspects:

1) Dedicated associates, in other words professional team members who demonstrate outstanding experience, friendliness and happiness welcoming their guests. 2) High quality of products and services – beautiful, clean, comfortable and safe property where each guest receives what he/she expects and a little bit more.

Therefore, the mission statement itself could sound as follows: create an attractive environment both for associates and guests, where employees would be motivated to do their best to provide maximal satisfaction of the visitors!

The strategies, company used to achieve the above-mentioned goals are the following:

1) Human Capital strategy – the strategy that brings even greater value for employees and the whole company following 5 principles: first of all selecting the right employee for the right position, then offering not only motivational salary, but full package of benefits that consists of career opportunities, work-life balance, great working place etc., factors that are considered a lot when money becomes less important, next is a caring, warm and friendly environment that motivate employees to do extra, the fourth one is freedom in expressing oneself, i.e. personal advancement is a key factor that influence employees to stay with Marriott and climb the career ladder, and the last one is a strong company brand that helps Marriott to win the employees’ choice when they select their future working place.

2) Customer-centric strategy – the strategy that focuses on accommodating all clients’ needs, wills and expectations. Offering guests products and services at the highest-level possible and meeting their expectations and even providing more is what Marriott International is about.

To conclude Marriott’s International objective was, is and will be to stay one of the world’s leading value-based leisure and business luxury environment providers all over the world. “Value is what we’re all about”, Marriott said. “It’s about taking care of associates and guests”.


|Strengths |Weaknesses | |Good brand image |Availability not in all countries in the world | |Time-share |Less number of hotels (comparing to leading competitors) | |Good location |Brand standards result in higher building costs | |High level quality of conferences service |Focus on US instead of international establishments (over-reliance| |Reward system |on US market) | |Good marketing |Over dependence on luxury brands | |High-quality hotels |Lack of low-cost brands | |Additional services (beach, casino, ski,...
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