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The targeting strategies that Marriott’s Hotel is using
Targeting is the process of evaluating and it selecting the most viable market segment to enter. The targeting strategies that Marriott’s Hotel using are differentiated marketing and niche marketing.

Differentiated Marketing
Marriot’s is an airport hotel which it cliental is limited to business guests and tourist. This hotel is helps for Emirates airlines which is getting more revenue from the crewmembers in term of rooms, foods and beverage. Marriott’s hotel had targeted the different types of travelers such as business guests, families and budget travelers. Marriott’s Hotel had using some targeting strategies in the market. The first strategy that Marriott’s had be using is differentiated marketing. A differentiated strategy means target the market segment are separated and designed a unique product to match the needs of consumers. Residence Inn Hotel by Marriott’s which the customer targets for Residence Inn is the travelers who are desire a home like atmosphere when travelers first enter their room. Residence Inn Hotel designed their hotel to feel like in own home and they also prepared some social events to match with the needs of those travelers who desire to have the feel of home. And, Springhill Suites which is a moderate hotel that always offering travelers or families to spread out, feel refreshed and take a break from the stress of being on the road before they having a goodnight rest. Besides that, Courtyard by Marriott’s is also target the differentiated marketing. This hotel is target for the traveling business travelers and the location that designed by Courtyard is to let business travelers know that there's a great place to release their stress. Courtyard had prepared a special design’s large rooms, a feature large table which is provide for those business traveler who having their meeting preparation. Marriott’s also prepared many meeting rooms for those heavy users of technology...
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