Marks and Spencer: Coming to China

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  • Published : November 28, 2011
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Marks & Spencer
Opgave C
Marks & Spencer is coming to China
Marks & Spencer is a British chain of department stores, which just opened its first store in China. The store in Shanghai is the largest Marks & Spencer store in China. On the opening day, the Chinese were waiting in line to buy the very demanded articles. There were so many customers that the management had to deny people entrance. There were especially crowded in the food department. The greatest challenge for Marks & Spencer is if their clothes can be used by the Chinese women, who are a bit smaller than the European women. Still the chain hope to attract China’s growing middle class and despite of the international crisis it still see great opportunities of expansion in China. Marks & Spencer has plans about opening up to 50 stores in the country.

Opgave D
Marks & Spencer Plc
PO Box 288
Warrington, United Kingdom

China Consulting8 March 2010
3- 104 Huitong Shidai Plaza
71 Jianguo Rd, Chaoyang district
P R China

Dear Sirs
As Marks & Spencer successfully has opened our first store in Shanghai we successfully cooperated with you, and were happy to take advantage of your great services. Because of the big economic growth in China and enormous amount of potential customers, and after the success with our store in Shanghai, we see great opportunities of expanding in China. As a part of a long-term plan we want to open about 50 new stores located in the biggest cities. Therefore we want to take advantage of your services again. Your primary task will be to employ staff for all of our new stores. It is very important for us that the staff is very service minded and smiling as we want to give our customers a good impression of us. It is also very important that the staff is flexible about their working hours as we want the stores to be open from 9 a.m. t0 9 p.m. Additionally we are not aware of the wage levels and legal regulations....
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