Marketing Strategy of Vinamilk Corp.

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  • Published : December 4, 2012
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Marketing strategy of Vinamilk CORP

The brand name "Vinamilk“most powerful brand was voted as a "famous brand" and a group of 10. Strong domestic distribution .
Materials accounting for percentage of 60% - 70% product price should the price increase. Currently, buying fresh milk from households provided about 25% of raw materials for the company left most is imported. Risks associated with raw materials, the company may face risks of exchange rate. MARKET SHARE

75% of the milk market share in Vietnam.
Anybody has demands.
The rate of malnutrition.
Having many Competitors of the company.
Market share of these company is less than Vinamilk company. COLLABORATORS
Dairy farms are the strategic partners.
Some of companys which are Vinamilk company.

I. Product
1. Product Category
Products of Vinamilk very diverse and rich in species with over 200 items of milk and dairy products: milk, milk powder, nutrition powder, fresh milk, cream, yogurt, cheesecake. And other products such as: soy milk, fruit juice, bread, coffee, bottled water, tea, chocolate dissolves. * By Product Revenue Structure:

Revenue breakdown:
+ Condensed 34%
+ Milk 26%
+ Milk powder, ready-to-eat cereal 24%
+ Yogurt 10%
+ Other Products 6%
The proportion of revenue product lines in the 2009-2010 period could change the direction of the share of revenue from water and powdered milk products will increasingly become the most important product; proportion of business collection of milk and yogurt will be lower due to market growth potential of the large milk powder and liquid milk products than other products.

2. Design, packaging
The company did not hesitate to pour investment in packaging costs. Even after this campaign, Vinamilk can take advantage of the sale price, offset stronger sales increased and consumers remember the brand more. In preparation for the holiday season, New Year, Vinamilk not hesitate for design, printing, packaging new message to consumers. Vinamilk spent costs for program design changes like this usually accounts for about 10% of the total cost. Design, packaging beautiful, delicate

3. Brand
The majority of the Company's products provide market under the brand name "Vinamilk", this brand was selected as a "Famous Brand" and is one of 100 most powerful brands selected by the Ministry of Industry and Trade in 2006. Vinamilk also voted among the "Top 10 high-quality Vietnamese goods" from 1995 to 2007.

4. Product Quality
1999, the listing has successfully applied the quality management system according to international standards ISO 9002 and currently apply ISO 9001-2000 Quality Management System. This has shortened the distance from imported milk quality and increase the confidence and prestige Vinamilk competitive market. Currently, Vinamilk more than 200 categories of products, the products are of high quality, international organizations accreditation. So easy to get the attention of customers. One of the campaign to improve the quality of products have great influence that is working with the National Institute of Nutrition. Accordingly, the product quality Vinamilk will be guaranteed by the prestigious National Institute of Nutrition. This gives confidence to consumers, making consumer goods more quickly.

5. Research new products
Vinamilk has launched a number of new products is very effective. In particular, not to mention are: weight loss milk, beer and coffee moment. In summary, listing has been very successful in its product strategy. These strategies are based on the actual needs should be effective immediately. Huge investment costs for advertising, introducing fresh new products to create favorable conditions for the provision of information to consumers. Product quality is also very focused on creating trust with customers. Packaging beautifully simple but adequate and should also cause the attention of the majority of consumers.

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