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Executive Summary
Pensonic company is founded by Dato chew Weng Khak in 1982. The vision of Pensonic company is becoming the successful Asian brand. Pensonic set to deliver product and service in meeting customers satisfaction as their mission. The objective for the company is to become the worldwide well known household appliance brands. Basically, Pensonic target on the niche market. They mainly focus on one product line which is home appliances. The marketing mix is the most fundamental elements that needed to operate a company. Pensonic introduce a green product which is a mini portable fridge need to consider all the factors in term of the quality, safety, design, packaging and so on. After a new green product is introduced, Pensonic needs to decide the distribution for the product. Whether Pensonic want to have distribute their product through direct channel, retailer channel, wholesaler channel, or agent/broker channel. Besides that, Pensonic also need to consider which types of promotion strategy that is suitable to use. Sales of the company is correlated to the promotion strategy that used by the company. Choosing a right pricing strategy is also important for the company operation. Pensonic needs to carefully choose a pricing strategy so that the company will not suffer from loss. Every company will come to the stage that facing market problems and opportunities. When Pensonic encounter market problems and market opportunities what types of action that needed to be taken? A right strategy would lead Pensonic to growth more further than others company. In conclusion, Pensonic has a good opportunity to launch a green product or start the green initiatives. In term of their financial, brand equity, and the experience that they have should be not a problem for Pensonic company to start on the green initiatives.

The background of the Pensonic group is founded by Dato Chew Weng Khak as a sole proprietor who started the as a small shop at Balik Pulau, Penang which selling electrical appliances trading under the name of Keat Radio Co. Sdn Bhd in 1965. His initial setup Keat Radio Co. has profited well to enable him to expand into his first branch in 1974. The birth of Pensonic brand was conceived in 1982 by Chew Weng Khak to produce locally manufactured electrical appliances in order to ensure long-term growth of his company. The Pensonic brand carries a special meaning-THE SOUND OF PENANG coined from the word “PEN” for Penang and “SONIC” for sound. The brand name has the distinction and grown into one of the most successful Malaysian brand in household appliance. It was the first Malaysian brand to have received the Brand Promotion Grant from MITI of Malaysian in 2005 and it has also received a numbers of excellence design awards.

Pensonic Holding Bhd is the largest Malaysian household electrical appliance company in the country. Where their product are export to ASEAN countries, Middle East and South countries. Most of their product is mainly sold in the local market. After several years, the name PENSONIC has become synonymous with reliability and durability and their brand has evolved into a well- known player in the home appliances market.

The vision of Pensonic Holding Bhd is becoming the successful Asian brand. It intend to become the first mind-share when consumer would like to purchase the electrical appliance. Their mission is to deliver quality product and service in meeting customers satisfaction. Their business philosophy is offer to its customers a combination of high quality customer services, competitive pricing and maximum flexibility. Their business also committed to deliver timely, quality product and services in exceeding customer satisfaction. The slogan of “Quality is our Priority” always consolidate their position as the leader in quality and reliability. Objective of Pensonic Holding Bhd is to become the worldwide well known household appliance...
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