Marketing Research Report on Co-op Bookshop

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Marketing 202 Research Report

Co-op Bookshop

Executive Summary

Co-op is a bookshop in Macquarie University at North Ryde Campus, and it sales new textbooks and references books to students, as well as popular novels and so on. However, after beginning of the semester, the quantity of sales of Co-op has an obvious decline. In this situation, our group use online survey method to collect questionnaires from 108 students in Macquarie University at North Ryde, and with the purpose of measuring students potential purchase behaviors and attitudes towards the Co-op, in order to help Co-op to improve the sales.

Through use of the SPSS program, frequency, one-sample t-tests, cross tabulation and Chi-Square Tests data to show and analyze results of the survey, then in the following report there are four points can be concluded, and three commendations can be found. The most obviously one is that most of the students prefer to buy textbooks at a much lower price, compared with the demand for book quality, cheaper price seems more attractive. That is, although the second hand bookshop cannot to be a competitor on service and quality with Co-op bookshop, potential price threats could be bring to influence the Co-op bookshop’s sales volume. Then do some price promotional activities in Co-op is necessary. Table of content

Research objectives4
Results and finding6


University students are big and traditional market for textbooks, references books, magazines and journals, especially those with strong professional and academic focuses. Facing such a market, it is critical for bookshop owners to understand how to efficiently operate and manage the bookshops so as to meet the demands of the particular customer group and keep the business going under the fierce competitions from other channels. A traditional bookshop providing regular book categories and services may not satisfy this particular group and consequently ends with poor sales results.

This report is based on the study on the Co-op, a bookshop in Macquarie University. It is observed that when the new semester begins, Co-op bookshop, with convenient access and abundant variety of stocks, becomes a destination for students to get new textbooks; however, sales shrink dramatically after the opening weeks. In this situation, our group tries to figure out the potential demands from the student group by understanding their purchase behaviors and attitudes towards the Co-op bookshop. A survey is made to understand the gap between the actual demands from the students and the current operation situation at the Co-op, and consequently to help Co-op to improve the sales. We use online survey method to collect questionnaires from 108 students in Macquarie University at North Ryde. In the following report, diagrams are used to discuss and analyze the survey result related to the research topics.


• Macquarie University students prefer to buy brand-new books at the Co-op bookshop rather than to get used books in second hand markets. • Only Co-op bookshop sells new textbooks and academic references in Macquarie University. • Quite a portion of the students are using second hand book, feeling easy with them. This is one of the reasons that make the sales shrink for the Co-op bookshop. • Student opinions on the discounts offered by the Co-op bookshop are diverted. The student preferences survey shows that half students appreciate the discounts from the Co-op while the rest do not show big interest on it.

Research objectives

Several key objectives are decided for this research:
- To identify the students group who prefer to buy textbook or other academic references in Co-op bookshop. - To identify the student who are likely to join the membership to have discount plans with Co-op bookshop. - To...
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