Marketing Research and Promotion of Standard Chatered Bank

Topics: Bank, Banks of India, Credit risk Pages: 64 (14621 words) Published: October 2, 2011
Chapter No: Subject Page No: Chapter: IIntroduction 7-13 * Evolution of Banking in India 8-11 * Standard Chartered Bank 12-13 Chapter: IIStandard Chartered Bank Profile 14-50 * Overview of Standard Chartered Bank 15-16 * History of Standard Chartered Bank 17-20 * Financial Services of Standard Chartered Bank 21-22 * Social Contribution 23 * Mission Statement of Standard Chartered Bank 24 * Focus Areas 25 * Standard Chartered Bank and the social sector 26 * Related Interests 27 * Strategy 28-29 * Technological Contribution 30 * Market Strategy 31 * Risk Management 32-36 * Press Kits 37-42 * Investor Relations 43 * Loans of Standard Chartered Bank (Personal Loans) 44 * Other Loans 45-50

Chapter: IIIProject profile

* Introduction to the Project 52-55 *Project at a Glance 56-57

Chapter: IVResearch Methodology and Limitations 58-64 *Research Design
*Data collection Method
*Advantages of questioning Method
*Disadvantages of Questioning Method
*Method of the communication under Questionnaire Studies * Personal Interviews
*Methodology Adopted
Chapter: VQuestionnaire Design 65-66 Chapter: VIStatistical Analysis and Interpretation of Data 67-82 Chapter: VIIFindings 83-84 Chapter: VIIIConclusions 85-87 Chapter: IXSuggestions 88-89 Chapter: X Bibliography 90-91 Chapter: XI Annexure 92-94 Chapter: XII Case study 95-100 Chapter: XVI Synopsis 101-105



During the early Muslim and Mughal periods the indigenous bankers played an important role in financing trade and lending money to the businessmen and rulers. However, with the development of modern banking India began with the banking activities undertaken by the English agency houses at Calcutta and Mumbai,...
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