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Interviewing in M.R Welcomgroup Hotels The Welcomgroup owns a chain of 20 hotels located in different parts of the country. In recent years, it has been expanding the chain by setting up new hotels. When there were only a few hotels, the Managing Director of the Welcomgroup used to personally visit them with a view to ensuring that they provided high quality of food and service to their patrons. But now he finds that with so many hotels it is extremely difficult to personally visit each and every hotel. At the same time, he needs some mechanism to ensure that hotels of the chain continue to provide high quality service. The Managing Director has discussed this problem with some Senior Officials of the company. As a result of this discussion, he finds that: Option 1: A suitable questionnaire may be designed and the same may be given to guests during their stay in the hotels. They may be requested to return the filled-in questionnaire at the reception counter while leaving the hotels. Option 2: A suitable questionnaire may be designed and the same may be posted to their homes soon after they have reached there with the request that these be returned, duly filled in, by post. Option 3: A trained interviewer may be appointed on a temporary basis. He could visit different hotels without giving any prior intimation of his visits. In each hotel he visits, he may personally interview selected guests and seek their opinion on the quality of food arid service in that hotel and their suggestions, if any, for improvement. Option 4: The services of a marketing research firm may be hired. It may be asked to conduct a suitable study based on, say, telephone interviews of a random sample of guests from each hotel and to submit its report to the Managing Director.

(10 Marks)

Discuss the relative merits of these options, indicating which one you would adopt if you were the Managing Director?

Attitude Towards Advertising

( 8 Marks)

You have been asked to ascertain the attitude of people towards advertising, whether favourable or unfavourable, in the medium-sized city where you live. The study should indicate whether heterogeneous groups differ significantly or otherwise in their attitudes towards advertising. The proposed study has to be carried out in two parts. Part I will involve the construction of a suitable scale for measuring attitudes of people. Part II will examine some hypotheses and conclude whether they are accepted or rejected. The hypotheses will concern the differences in attitude of the two groups towards advertising. For this purpose, you may think of groups in terms of male and female, young and old, educated and uneducated, rich and poor.

1. What type of study is this? 2. How would you develop a suitable scale for the proposed study? 3. Which scale would be most appropriate and why? 4. What would be the limitations of such a study?

Consumer Medical Attitudes

(16 Marks)

A study was undertaken sometime back to assess attitudes of consumers concerning health care. The study was conducted using a structured questionnaire which was administered to 1000 persons living in Baroda. Some of the questions contained in the questionnaire are given below (the original numbers of these questions were different).

1. What type of attitude scale is used in each of these questions? 2. Would you like to change any of these attitude scales? If so, indicate the change/s that you would like to make?

Exhibit Selected questions which were contained in a questionnaire on C.M.A. I. Given below are some characteristics that people look for in a doctor of their choice. You should rate each characteristic on a scale of 1 to 5 in order of importance. The characteristic most important to you, should be rated 1,...
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