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Question 1
For a successful firm, having a good research to realize the customers need is very important. Qualitative research and quantitative research are the main method to collect information and data from customers for making firm’s decision. However, there is a different between qualitative and quantitative which used in different part of projects. And they both have advantages and disadvantages in the process and the conclusion which may lead to incorrect decisions. Indeed, to distinguish two research methods and when to use or when not to use, it will increase the accurately of outcome for making decisions correctly.

The meaning of research is a process to collect information, data and suggestion from interviewers. And qualitative means a way of conceiving and conducting (A). Qualitative research is a way for collect, analysis and conduct in marketing research. It can explore the reason of question, including “what”, “where”, “when” or “how” from interviewers that researchers can understand deeply with the interviewers’ behavior and the reason. Qualitative research tools are a things or process to help the research. There are online forums, online communities, web survey, focus group chat and depth interviews which are useful tools for helping researchers (D).

There are lots of benefits for using qualitative research that it can provide a descriptive, rich and numerous understanding from individuals’ motivations, attitudes, opinions, behaviors and lifestyles. It can be a free flowing depending on research questions and objectives, which gives a space for interviews responding in his own words and opinions (B). Also, it is a method for going below the surface. Qualitative research creates a general overview of respondent which provides their own views into motivations and emotions (E). Therefore, it can uncover more about interviewers’ experience and collect much valuable information in research. It is very important when achievement of understanding issue in instant time through a personal conflict with respondents (C).

Every coin has two sides that qualitative research has benefits, on the other hand it also has a disadvantages and limitation during the research. In process, the quality of research deeply replies on the individual skills of the researcher and it is very easy affected by the researchers’ prejudices and characteristics. Consistency is hard to maintain and demonstrate during the research (F). During the qualitative research in data gathering, it is sometimes unavoidable that the research may affect the idea of respondents, and make the answers which are not expected of collection. There is more subjectivity involved in collected data through researcher bias. Also, it is not easy to determine the reliability and validity of research data. In addition, the numerous of data which collected from research makes analysis more difficult and increase time consuming finally (G). Beside, transcription of marked from interviews also spend lots of time that make an overload in analyzing data which also spend amount of money in it.

Qualitative research is a good tool that can positively work for researchers, but it also exist a negative part in process. To get a good outcome, it is important to distinguish when to use or when not use the qualitative research with what researchers want to collect.

First of all, it can clearly understand why respondents trust what they trust that qualitative research can provide understanding into what’s behind their behavior. Besides, it is for developing a basic understanding of a problem at the beginning and look for a collection of feeling and ideas about something related (J). Most people also use it for understanding different viewpoints between some specific group and same categories of people which can gain obvious and effective comparison result. Also, when the issues of case are complicated, confusing or difficult, it can navigate through the...
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