Marketing Proposal for Mcdonald's in Bangladesh

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NAME: McDonald’s Bangladesh

Some background information about McDonald’s:
· McDonald's Corporation is the biggest fast-food chain restaurants in the world that it boasts more than 30,000 restaurants in 119 countries. · More than 80% of McDonald's restaurants worldwide are owned and operated by independent local men and women. · With this unrivaled popularity, entrepreneurs who will franchise on McDonald's will most likely succeed in the business; meanwhile this is how to start McDonald's franchising. · Unfortunately, McDonald’s do not have any franchise in Bangladesh while many other internationally famous fast-food chains like KFC, Pizza Inn, Pizza Hut, A&W, Nandos, are already operating in Bangladesh through franchises. …….so why we choose McDonalds’s……….

Considering Mc donald's huge demand for quality fast food and cheap price we are going to launch Mc donald's in Bangladesh starting with Dhaks, the capital. McDonald’s has a huge opportunity to increase its global market here in Bangladesh. Besides. · Its positive global brand image will promote itself.

· Affordable meals targetting average income families which consist a great part of our population. · Trend among Bangladeshi youth to eagerly grab international taste facilitating its market potential. · Quick service so target working people without hampering their work schedule. · It is already popular in Bangladesh by the mass broadcasting of Indian satellites’ advertisements. Our main objectives:

·       To open McDonald’s outlets in all the big cities in Bangladesh starting with Dhaka to Chittagong , Sylhet, Rajshahi, Barisal, Khulna, Rangpur. ·       To increase McDonald’s outlet number in each cities emphasizing on Dhaka due to its huge population and more developed market scenario. ·       Let Bangladeshi people get the ‘finger-licking’ taste and high quality service of McDonald’s. ·       Make McDonald’s one of the best, successful and popular fast-food choices in Bangladesh. ·       The McDonald’s outlets will offer job opportunities to Bangladeshi people. ·       The government will earn currency through VAT which will be a contribution to the economy of Bangladesh. · The McDonald’s quality food and service will promote healthy competition in the restaurant sectors which will take our restaurants to a new level of excellence. 3.1 SURVEY METHOD:*

·       The survey will be conducted by an approved survey company/firm.

·       People will be asked questions, mainly open-ends, about their expectations, preferences, tastes, knowledge about McDonald’s, etc.

·       Some questions will be close ends as well.

·       Survey Company will reach people through sms , social networking sites such as facebook, email, online advertisements , personal interviewing, internet poll questions , online focus group interviewing,


Probability Sample

Non-probability sample

Simple random

Stratified random

Cluster (area)


at least 3500 people.


Around 3 months.

Sample unit
Young people (age range-20 to 30)


Young people

Different Mcdonald franchise owner in different countries (especially India)

Teenagers (age range 13-19)



Different franchise owner in Bangladesh like KFC franchise, American Burger, Nandos, etc



Old and New DOHS
University campus


  - *Franchise fees* -
  - *Turnkey packages* -.
  - *Lease terms* –
  - *Cost of construction* –
  - *Equipment and other fixtures* – **

·       the cost of a restaurant typically ranges from £125,000 to £325,000 (BDT 87.5 lacs to 2crore 27.5lacs ,dollar@BDT70.00)

·       the franchise opener need to provide at least 25% of the value as unencumbered funds that is BDT 21.875lacs to 56.875 lacs.

·      ...
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