Marketing Proposal for Innocent Smoothies

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Marketing proposal for Innocent smoothies Introduction
In this assignment I will be analysing what Innocent products the public buys and what new product will sell in the current market today. I will be finding this out by looking at the research I have did in the previous task. Choosing the new product will depend on the target audience, economy in the world and the price. This is then followed by the cost and completion of the product. The aim is to release a new product that sells and also rivals any other product out that is similar in the consumer market. The final aim is to also make the product fit into the Innocent portfolio and ethics. The first thing any company does before releasing a product or think about mass producing a product is work out who will be buying it. This means they have to research what target audience they want to sell to, this will mean looking at certain areas like age, hobbies and gross income. The research I did was group based me and my other group members based our research on asking one hundred random people questions relating to their daily routines and expenses. I found out that the most popular age groups to buy innocent products are adult the age of 40+, this suggested to me that parents and carers are buying these Innocent products for themselves and children, this is because the second popular age was 13 to 17.Two other important proof I found out was that the preferred tube size was the family size this was a benefit for me to find out because now I will also be making the new flavour in new family sized tubes. The other useful piece of information I found out from my research was that the two favourite flavours people like to eat/buy are chocolate and strawberry, knowing this I had to immediately remove the chocolate flavour. I did this because chocolate is not a healthy nutritious healthy flavour which does not fit into fit into innocents ethics. If innocent added this flavour they will go against their own company ethics. Another reason why Innocent why Innocent cannot include this flavour is that they will lose existing and potentially new customers that purchase Innocent products on the basis of them being healthy and nutritious. With the aim of keeping in with Innocents ethics I removed the chocolate flavour and replaced it with the third most voted flavour which was pineapple. Product

The new Innocent drink I will be manufacturing will be a completely new taste, however I have to keep by Innocent’s ethics and use completely 100% natural, healthy renewable ingredients that will count for 2 portions of there five a day and provides the body with 15% of GDA fibre. The Products name will be called pineapples and mangos. I have based my new products name on the current range in the Innocent company, for example with Innocent’s current range of products the name is based on what the two flavours that included with it. My product will follow the same trend for many reasons. The first reason is that it will avoid customer confusion. The second reason is that the product will identify itself as an Innocent product to new and existing customers. The ingredients for a carton of smoothie will be 1 ½ pressed pineapples, 2 ½ crushed mangos and 2 squeezed oranges. The main two ingredients are pineapples and mangos; Innocent only buys fair trade fruits so I can not buy any fruit from a high street shop. The cost of 1 ½ pressed fair trade pineapple from Waitrose costs £1.10 and the cost of 2 ½ crushed mangos is £1.00. The total of the two fruits added together would cost £2.10. However buying these ingredients I went to a high street popular supermarket that sells at retail price. Innocent buy thousands of products in bulk. This means that the mango’s that I bought for the price of £1.00 will only cost the company 20 pence and the pineapples that were bought will cost them approximately 30 pence. This will not mean that they are buying cheap quality...
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