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Marketing Project


Product Line

Nikon have a wide range of cameras ranging from compact cameras to Professional cameras. Compact cameras are the point and shoot camera where you do not have the function of setting your camera the way you want it. Everything is automatic. Examples of compact cameras are the L16, S210 Professional cameras are the based where Nikon build up their reputation are one of the top camera makers. Their professional cameras are excellent in performance and quality and they have a wide range of lens to choose from for their DSLR (digital Single Lens Reflect) cameras. Example of DSLR cameras are the D40, D300, D3 Lastly, Nikon has recently produce an in between from compact cameras to professional cameras, the semi professional cameras. The semi professional cameras have both the automatic function as well as the manual function where you can play around with the camera settings. However you do not have the full customisation available as compared with the professional camera.

Competitors Specification

Major competitors for Nikon will be brands that produces semi professional camera such as Olympus, Sony and Canon. SP570- the Olympus camera is a 10.0 mega pixel camera that has a zoom of up to 20X times together with the build in image stabilizer. It has a wide angle of up to 26mm and can take as fast as 15 fps (frame per seconds). However it has one weak point whereby it is using XD memory card which is not compatible with other brand and they are running on a double A battery.

Sony- the Sony H50 is a 10.0 mega pixel camera with a 15X zoom and packed with a build in image stabilizer. It has a large LCD screen size (3.0 inch) that is tillable. Picture that is taken will be recorded in high definition when viewing on a HD television. The Sony cameras are also using their own memory card memory stick therefore it is not compatible with other cameras too.

Canon- the Canon S5IS is an 8.0 mega pixel camera with a 12X zoom and also with the build in image stabilizer. It can take close up shot of up to 1cm and the LCD screen is also tillable. Additional flash could be added in to the camera. The camera itself is also running on double A battery and does not have an internal memory to store its photo.

Product Specification

The Nikon P80 is the latest camera that is produce by Nikon. It has already been released into the market to all Nikon retailers since 25 April 2008. The Nikon P80 is a semi professional camera that comes with a 10.1 MP sensor and a whopping 18x zoom (27-486mm equiv) which should hardly ever let you run out of focal length. It also comes with a 2.7" LCD screen and a CCD-shift image stabilization system. Live view mode is pack into this camera for amateurs that is not familiar or used to the viewfinder when taking photos.

This is one of the most compact and friendly using camera in the market and it is also equipped with a zoom lens that ranges from wide-angle to super telephoto (27-486mm equivalent in 35mm [135] format). In addition to this, the camera also offers manual control of exposure (shutter and aperture) and a high sensitivity rating of up to ISO 6400 for use in low light conditions and you can go as low as ISO 100 with this camera too. The exceptionally Macro mode of the camera is capable of focusing on subjects that are as close as 1 cm, and image-shift Vibration Reduction technology stabilizes the image sensor against camera shake.

If you are looking to capture some motion pictures, the camera allows you to do that with no limitation on the length of the movie (dependable on memory card) with clear and vivid sound captured. Latest technology in the market such as (face-detection, In-Camera Red-Eye Fix and D-Lighting) are supported by the addition of high ISO sensitivity for situations when lighting levels are low.

The COOLPIX P80 has everything that you are looking for in a camera. It has a powerful lens, manual and...
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