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Assignment 1: Kodak and Fujifilm
By: Rufus Wilson
Bus 302
Dr. Gina Zaffino

Kodak vs. Fujifilm/Management Concepts
Kodak and Fujifilm
Rufus Wilson
Dr. Gina Zaffino
Bus 302
Kodak, also known as Eastman Kodak was founded in the 1880's by George Eastman and is currently based out of Rochester, NY. When George Eastman started this company reputation was very important to him. Eastman's goal was to make photography an everyday affair or as he put it: "to make the camera as convenient as the pencil.” Not only was reputation important to him but so was advertising. Many ads he wrote himself, bringing about their slogan, “you press the button, and we do the rest." Kodak became the world's first simple camera making photography enjoyable and easy to use for those who weren’t so savvy with cameras. This is a brand known around every country in the world and best known as a multinational corporation. Kodak is built on four basic principles:

1. Mass production at low cost.
2. International Distribution.
3. Extensive Advertising.
4. A focus on the customer.
His breakdown of this was that mass production is no justifiable without wide distribution. Distribution needs the support of strong advertising. In doing these things this would in turn fulfill the customer’s needs and desires, leading the company towards a road of corporate success. As for his basic principles of business he added the following: 1. Foster growth and development through continuing research; 2. Treat employees in a fair, self-respecting way; 3. Reinvest profits to build and extend the business. Not only did Eastman focus on satisfying his customers but he also focused on his employees. He believed that his employees should have more than just good wages. With this managerial mindset, he was able to stay ahead. Eastman began to plan for dividends on wages for employees. His first steps were providing a large amount of his own funds, gifting it to all that worked for him. This then lead him to setup Wage Dividend, a bonus. With Wage Dividend each employee was able to benefit above his or her wages in proportion to the yearly dividend on the company stock. In Eastman's eyes he felt that the prosperity of the company was not solely due to inventions and patents, but more so of the workers loyalty and kindness. George Eastman made his employees feel welcome. Providing a reason to want to come to work and create a product that would eventually take off in the technology world. He wanted his employees to have a structured future. Eastman knew that providing benefits such as Wage Dividend, life insurance, retirement annuity, and disability benefits plans would help accomplish this for his employees. George Eastman was definitely a leader. He went above and beyond to inspire and motivate his workers to work hard to achieve goals within the organization. He was known to be a Pioneer who glorified his country in the eyes of the world. He was devoted to supplying photography tools at the lowest possible cost to the greatest number of people. The company's rapid growth made large scale production a necessity. Kodak created products that enable them to turn out high-quality merchandise at feasible price that would put them with in reach of the general public. Kodak has been a very innovative company throughout its years. They've been known to take part in many things such as those dealing with health, document imaging, Printing/Publishing, and Space Exploration. Starting with the health industry, Kodak introduced the first capture medium. This is photographic paper that was designed to specifically capture x-ray images. Moving along to document imaging, this was designed to simplify the handling of bank records. As for printing and publishing, Kodak began to supply materials that were used in the printing industry. Lastly, Kodak teamed with NASA, recording American astronaut John Glenn’s reactions while traveling through space....
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