Marketing Plan Skylarknet a Wireless Mesh Network Service Provider

Topics: Wireless networking, Wireless LAN, Marketing Pages: 26 (7389 words) Published: July 7, 2011

Table of Contents
Executive Summery………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….
1.1Origin of the Study1
1.2Objective of the Study1
1.3Limitation of the Study1
2Situational Analysis2
2.1What is WMN (Wireless Mesh Network)?2
2.2Wireless Internet Market in Bangladesh3
2.2.1Market Competitors:3
2.3SWOT Analysis4
2.3.1Socio-cultural Factors4
2.3.2Market Opportunity Analysis (MOA)5
2.3.3Environmental Threat6
3Competitive analysis8
3.1Analyzing the competitors9
3.2Define the market standing10
3.2.1Strategy as a Market Challenger10
4Marketing Strategy11
4.2Market Targeting12
4.4Service Strategy14
4.5Promotional Plan16
4.5.1Launching several pilot projects16
4.5.3Sales Promotion17
4.5.4Trade Promotion17
4.5.5Consumer Promotion18
4.5.6Public Relations & Publicity:18
4.6Distribution Strategy19
4.7Pricing Strategy19
4.7.1Generic approach19
4.7.2New Market Pricing20
4.7.3Price Adaptation20
4.8Relationship marketing plan21
4.8.1Customer Relationship Management21
4.8.2Partner Relationship Marketing22
5Financial Projection23
6Implementation & Controls27
6.1Monitoring Plan27
6.2Contingency Plan30

Executive Summary
Nearly a million people of Bangladesh are enjoying internet accessibility; most of them are from urban areas. Still uncovered, the suburban customers promise a large potential market for the local ISP dealers. Conventional broadband and dial-up service are of little use in these areas. So, wireless internet is the best suit for such condition. Wireless mesh networking is the latest tech in this field. Internet pro Wireless networks provide unprecedented freedom and mobility for a growing number of laptop and PDA users who no longer need wires to stay connected with their workplace and the Internet. Ironically, the very devices that provide wireless service to these clients need lots of wiring themselves to connect to private networks and the Internet. This wiring is expensive to install and change, and deployment must be carefully planned and timed to minimize disruption to normal business operations. Permits or permissions may be required, and then there are the laborious tasks of pulling, terminating and testing the copper wiring or fiber optic cabling. With all the work involved, it should not be surprising that wiring can be the most expensive part of a “wireless” network! Indeed, the many obstacles associated with wiring are now preventing or delaying the deployment of wireless applications that could deliver a real competitive advantage or a high return on investment—or both.

This marketing plan provides an overview of implementing Wireless Mesh Network (WMN) service for the first time in the suburban areas of Bangladesh. Wireless Mesh Network is an exciting new technology which has tremendous potential especially for a developing country like Bangladesh. Quite a few African countries are already benefiting from this novel technology. Supported by the growing buying power, a number of desktop and laptop users in the suburban areas of Bangladesh are badly in need of high quality internet service. In the world of internet the best suitable option stands for the suburban areas is the wireless technology. We plan to act as a service and equipment provider for the local ISP dealers and some institutional market such as university campus, NGO, hospitals and nursing home etc. As we are the pioneer of this new technology we conducted an insightful analysis of the competitor’s position and their offerings. The marketing plan starts with the situational analysis of the current market. External and internal factor analysis (SWOT analysis) provides a clear...
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