Marketing Plan of Crease Free Bags

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Marketing Plan


Crease Free Bag

Presented By:

Sohail Akram Malik
Farhan Naseem
Ikram Khan


Table of Contents

Position Statement3
Product Attributes3
Market Size4
Market Share4
Target Customers4
Costing Structure5
SWOT Analysis6
How to market this in the long – run?7
International Expansion7

Position Statement

Where ever you go now, your suit; dress, shirts, and pants are immediately ready-to-go with you without a disaster of wrinkles.


Crease Free Bag

Product Attributes

• No need of pressing the clothes.
• No crease/ wrinkles at all
• Low cost
• Available in three sizes (Small, Medium, Large) • Available in 3 colors (Black, Blue, Grey)
• Available sizes;
o Length standard: 42”
o Width standard: 22’’
o Breadth
▪ Small size(two suits): 9”
▪ Meium size(five suits): 15”
▪ Large size(eight suits): 20”

• Retractable plastic handle and wheels for easy carriage/pulling. • Flexible skin with water proof external surface. • Full round lockable zipper for making packing convenient. • Durable and light weight, spacious and easy to carry, compact and slim design. • Elastic clippers for holding the suits upright and tight while keeping their pressing intact. • Aluminum bar with hooks to hang and hold hangers properly, preventing them from sliding into one another.


• One year extendible warranty with Repair and/or Replacement for damage caused during loading, unloading or any other reason, excluding deliberate hustling. Warranty will cover the repair of all the functional aspects of your Crease free bag.

Market Size

Crease free is a new product not only at the national and international level but it is entirely a new concept in luggage carrying products internationally, so a complete market is available for targeting customers internationally. But keeping in view the financial and other initial management issues we will initially target the companies’ executives in Islamabad and Rawalpindi which will also be a source of our referral marketing in their regional offices in other cities of Pakistan. Apart from these companies we will also target the civil services organizations, embassies and military personnel.

In the long run our future strategy will be to exercise the same policy for other cities like Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Sialkot and Peshawar.

Market Share

Because of no competition and copy rights regulations of the product all playing into our hands we will initially enjoy a 100% market share. But we are also aware of the fact that with the passage of time new entrants will be expected to compete with us within one to two years time. During this time however we will adopt a strategy to develop a strong relationship with our customer and suppliers. In order to achieve that we are planning to create a customer care club, the members (customers) of this group will enjoy the privileges of special discount offers, like birthday gifts, marriage anniversary gifts and highest purchase for the year gift etc will be awarded to them. This strategy will enable us to maintain our market share by keeping our customers loyal.

Target Customers

Corporate Client:
Executives of Telecom, National and Multinational Companies like, Mobilink, U-Fone, Telenor, Warid, PTCL, Wateen, PTC, OGDCL, FMCG Products, Banks and Businessman in Sadar Rwp, Gunj Mundi and in shoe industry like CEO of Metro,

Civil servants:
Judges, Ministers, Secretaries of Govt. and CEO’s of multinationals,

Foreign missions:
Ambassadors, Airline executives, Representatives of WHO, UNICEF, UNO,...
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