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  • Published : October 16, 2008
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Fitness4Life, Inc., Marketing Plan

Fitness4Life, Inc., is a developing company that offers fitness facilities, trainers, and fitness wellness programs for corporations. It is in its second year of business and currently serving Houston-area businesses, helping them to become more productive, while lowering their overall costs with innovative wellness programs and strategies. Fitness4Life is providing their customers with a health care cost management program for employees that will increase employee productivity and decrease overall business costs. Preventable illness makes up approximately 80% of the burden of illnesses and 90% of all health care costs. (Wellness Proposals, 2006) Fitness4Life believes that healthy employees are more productive than chronically ill employees, and it cost less to prevent injuries or illnesses than to treat them after they occur. At Fitness4Life we tie worker productivity directly to the health care issue. We believe that traditional approaches to the current health care crisis are misdirected. These traditional efforts are what we call reactive, that is, they wait until after the worker has been stricken with illness or injury, and then pay for the necessary treatments. Our approach, which emphasizes prevention and good health promotion, is much more proactive. By helping employees change their behavior patterns and choose more healthy lifestyles, Fitness4Life will lower companies' health care expenditures, while raising worker productivity. In fact, research now suggests employers get an average of $3.48 back in reduced health care costs and $5.82 in lower absenteeism cost for every dollar spent on employee wellness.(Wellness Proposals, 2006) Health care expenditures will decrease due to reduced medical insurance premiums, reduced absenteeism, reduced turnover rates, reduced worker's compensation claims, reduced tardiness, shorter hospital stays, etc. The state of America's health care crisis, coupled with current demographic changes, threaten to not only intensify the crisis, but further erode worker productivity as well. Fitness4Life will design customized solutions for each company as well as each employee within the company. Fitness4Life will provide their product and service in a way that is convenient for the company and the employee because we believe if it isn’t convenient our customers will not get the results they need. These environmental factors coupled with the local competitive situation signal a favorable opportunity in this market. We feel the time is right for Fitness4Life. II. ENVIRONMETNAL ANALYSIS

Originally founded as a fitness center, Fitness4Life, Inc., is now reaching out to help businesses create fitness wellness programs and internal fitness facilities that will provide opportunities for their employees to live a healthier lifestyle. The payoff for businesses is that healthier employees will result in increased productivity and a healthier working environment. Fitness4Life was founded in 2006, when Kimberly Landry developed the company and through her full-time commitment, turned it into a very successful operation. Currently Fitness4Life facilities are located in the Houston, TX area and they will be looking to offer their corporate fitness wellness programs in a 50 mile vicinity around Houston. In the near future, Kimberly Landry will look at expanding Fitness4Life into other areas of the country to expand its already fast growing business. A. THE MARKETING ENVIROMENT

1. Competitive Forces. The competition in the fitness industry is very strong on local and regional basis, but somewhat weak nationally. Sales figures for the industry as a whole were difficult to obtain since very little business is conducted on a national scale.

Fitness4Life is entering their second year of business. The business model has been well received and marketing is especially important to maintain growth and market penetration. In addition to offering...
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