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Topics: Bottled water, Drinking water, PepsiCo Pages: 18 (6262 words) Published: September 8, 2012
I study about the marketing strategy of Pepsi and its impact on customer side. To know about the customer perception towards PepsiCo’s product and Brand Image. I also research on the customer satisfaction level. I study about how PepsiCo provided different value to their different customer. PepsiCo offers the world’s largest portfolio of billion-dollar food and beverage brands, including 18 different product lines each generating more than $1 billion in annual retail sales. PepsiCo nourishes consumers with a range of products from tasty treats to healthy eats that deliver enjoyment, nutrition, convenience as well as affordability. The group has built an expansive beverage and foods business. PepsiCo have a variety of range in their products they have food and beverage segment like in food they have Alvio, Kurkure, Lays and Quaker Oais. And in beverage they have Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Slice, 7up and Nimbooz. I did descriptive and exploratory research to know about the different facts of PepsiCo and their customer. Exploratory research I did on Pepsi’s customer and Descriptive research on Pepsi’s retailer. I collect both as well as Primary and Secondary data to know more about PepsiCo and about consumer preference. I took 30 sample of Pepsi retailer to know about the PepsiCo point of view and100 sample of customer. I took non probability sampling. Non probability Convince sampling for PepsiCo customer and Non Probability Judgmental sampling for PepsiCo retailer. With the help of convenience sampling I can easily reach to PepsiCo consumer and by the judgment of different retailer I took their interview. I make questionnaire 0f 15 question which filled up by different 100 customer. I took help of graphical presentation to present these facts into my report. According to findings I know about the awareness level of customer of different PepsiCo brands. So according to the result People are well aware about those brand which are promote heavily by PepsiCo. My next question to know about the regular use of Pepsi. This is very low only 25 % people regularly using Pepsi other 75% are not brand loyal. Then researcher finds out the buying priority of Pepsi on different parameter like Refreshment, Taste, Brand and for thrust. Where I found that mostly People Prefer buying on refreshment base. According to my research college going students are mostly buy Pepsi and Child, Sports men are came after this. My recommendation that PepsiCo should Promote their all brand equally to make people aware towards their brands. They should Promote their brand on continues bases. They should focus more on sports men brand ambassador also. They should promote their product in rural area also so they can tapped the huge market in India as Coca- Cola is doing. They should also take part in Green marketing or social welfare activities to make the brand image of PepsiCo. They should increase their CSR activities. PepsiCo is market Leader so it’s hard to retain this position in today’s competitive environment. So they have to focus on their brand image they have to increase their brand loyal customers. They have to choose other medium of advertisement like newspaper, wall painting, Internet etc. so they can reach to their customer easily. PepsiCo is good brand name. People trust on PepsiCo on the Quality base so they should increase their kind of image in the market.

To find out marketing strategy of Pepsi.
2. To analyze the SWOT analysis of Pepsi.
3. To know about customer value of Pepsi.
4. To know about customer perception towards Pepsi brand image 5. To know about customer satisfaction
6. Impact of market strategy on customer

1.PepsiCo should Promote their all products like Alvio, Gatorade and Quaker Oats 2.PepsiCo should promote their product in Rural area also as Coca-cola is doing. 3.PepsiCo should expand the Brand Image of Pepsi (People are only correlating it...
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