Enterprise Rent-a-Car

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Enterprise Rent-A-Car
1. Analyze Enterprise’s Service Quality Survey. What information is it trying to gather? What are its research objectives?

Enterprise used the survey to capture data about customer’s satisfaction. Management objectives are to keep current customers satisfied, improve customer service and increase car rental in the remaining 20% in the discretionary market. Research objectives to determine the level of satisfaction: Customer’s rental car experience, the rental process, vehicle preferences, customer awareness and rental history. With the data provided the company will be able to determine if a satisfied customer will be a repeat customer and refer others to the company.

2. What decisions has Enterprise made with regards to primary data collection-research approach, contact methods, sampling plan, and research instruments?

Method of research used by the company is descriptive research. In order to track customer satisfaction, knowledge, preferences and attitudes of customers Enterprise chose survey research as their research approach. Contact methods used to gather data was mail. Sending surveys to one in 20 customers indicates that the company used simple random probability and the research instruments used was the survey.

3. In addition to or instead of mail survey, what other means could Enterprise use to gather customer satisfaction information?

Enterprise could contact customers with a follow up phone call or online (either email or internet survey), request that customers participate in online focus group or online panels to discuss their satisfaction and knowledge of the company).

4. What specific recommendations would you make to Enterprise to improve the response rate and the timelessness of feedback from the process?

The current survey contains 13 questions I would recommend that the company shorted it because it appears to be too long and too time consuming. To improve the response rate customer service...
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