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Established in 1985, nichii (formerly known as Nichii Fashion City Sdn Bhd) traces its humble beginnings back to three boutiques located within Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia. Since then, nichii has grown to become one of the major trendsetters and leads in exemplify Malaysian fast and purse-friendly fashion with its labels now sold at a over 30 outlets in Malaysia, Singapore and Saudi Arabia. The re-brand of the label, which is known as nichii, was established in 2005 after the decision was made to streamline all its retail offerings. In 2006, there were six nichii outlets in Malaysia and in that same year the label set foot in Singapore with the opening of an outlet I the iconic mall, Vivocity. By the end of 2009, nichii’s merchandise are available at 21 locations- 18 outlets in Malaysia and three outlets in Singapore – with a total combined retail floor space of 190,000 square feet. Building on its strength in manufacturing, designing, planning and sourcing, August 2010 marked a huge milestone for nichii as the fast-fashion abel set foot in the Middle East region with the opening of a franchise outlet in Riyadh, the capital city of Saudi Arabia. With the establishment of the first nichii outlet in the Middle East, the label continues to be driven in it aims to expand nichii’s fashion presence in Singapore, South East Asia and China via its franchising programme. Nichii is known by and far as a label that provides up-to-the minute and extensive range of apparel and accessories for women and men. Question

Nichii, established in 1985 is a fashion retailer with 21 outles, 18 in Malaysia and 3 in Singapore. They position themselves as a fast fashion label with the objective of becoming a major trendsetter and lead the fashion industry with their ‘fast and purse friendly fashion’ with fashion labels being sold at all their outlets in Malaysia and Singapore. In 2010, Nichii expanded to the Middle East with the opening of a franchise outlet in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. With this expansion, Nichii continues to be driven in its aim to expand Nichii’s fashion presence in Singapore, South East Asia (Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand) and China. As a Marketing Manager for Nichii, you understand that it not enough for a business to have good products sold at attractive prices. To generate sales and profile, the benefits of products has to be communicated to customers. It is the 4th ‘P’ of the 4Ps of Marketing physical products. A business’ total marketing communications programme is called the ‘promotion mix’ and consists of a blend of advertising, personal selling, sales promotion and public relations tools.

Your boss has asked you to give a proposal to your boss about the promotion mix. 1. Define in detail the four main elements of the promotional mix. 2. List out the advantages and disadvantages of each elements of the promotions mix. List at least 2 advantages and disadvantages of each of the elements. 3. Give your recommendation as to which element of the promotion mix that Nichii can use in it’s plan to expand into South East Asia, particularly in countries like Vietnam and Indonesia and give reasons for your choice of elements.

Four elements of the promotional mix
Promotional mix is about subset of the marketing mix in which marketers attempt to achieve the optimal blending of the elements of personal and non-personal selling to achieve promotional objectives. A total marketing communication plan is known as the “promotional mix, including advertising, personal selling, sales promotion and public relations tool for mixing. The four key elements of a more detailed description of this revision, we describe the promotional mix. There are four main aspects of a promotional mix.  * Advertising – Any paid, non-personal communication through various media about a business firm, not-for-profit organization, professionals, social agencies, product, or idea by a sponsor identified in a message...
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