Marketing Mixture of Mc Cain Foods Ltd.

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McCain Foods Limited was established in 1957, Canada by four brothers. Today the company has more than 20,000 employees(,2010) , operating in 57 factories worldwide(,2010) . Products are being sold in 110 countries (,N/A) and the company is controlling the world potato chip market with a 33% share of the market (,N/A) with an endorsement of 6 million dollars (,N/A) and sales of 4.7 billion dollars (,2004). One third of world's potato production is processed by McCain Foods. After augmentation of the company through the years McCain Foods produces a wide assortment of food products such as frozen meals, vegetables and potato specialities. McCain brothers had a simple but a strong philosophy that “Good ethic is good business,” which is the origin of the brand message “It's all good!”. Behind this philosophy there lies a strong commitment to customer and supplier relations. The company assures the stability between the four important factors of marketing mixture to achieve this reliance oriented success.

The highest selling products of McCain Foods are frozen potato products, which are marketed as nutritional and healthy alternatives to similar options. Furthermore, they have a wide range of products including different variations of Chinese food, vegetables, and pizzas. This food is particularly developed, selected and marketed to specific regions around the world depending on regions' tastes. The most selling product is McCain Oven Chips which captured the public's attention immediately and keeps being sold with the same features. McCain Foods heads research and development to suit current trends with a better taste and a higher quality. Every aspect of the products are important including pack design to be able to obtain customers what they are after. That's why innovation is the key to take on the Market Leader Strategy....
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